Philly Papers in Peril

Philly newspapersWith a slow start to the week regarding Internet news one can unfortunately almost always find a story about more newspapers having more difficulty. In Philadelphia, one of the largest markets in the country that no one seems to talk about not just one but both local papers are facing Sept. 15 deadlines that could determine their futures.

Usually in a city that can support two papers (which are not that many these days) it’s one or the other that is struggling. Here both of the local news phixtures (get it?) The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News are close to being handed over to creditors unless Brian Tierney can pull a financial rabbit out of his hat. The Wall Street Journal reports

AOL Still Lurking About and Hiring Big Names

AOL logoAOL has made some waves this year that have mostly centered on the people that are coming on board rather than services that will turn the companies fortunes to the plus side. Tim Armstrong has come over from Google and injected a sense of purpose and urgency (one would guess) as the unit of Time Warner speeds towards its spin off which occur later this year.

As further evidence that Armstrong is trying to get the right people on the bus he has hired Brad Garlinghouse to head up the Internet and Mobile Communications operations of AOL’s business. According to Om Malik of GigaOm, Garlinghouse will have some pretty serious responsibilities especially when one considers that this is the once might AOL being talked about here.

Have an Otterly Awesome Labor Day!

You work too hard! You otter just kick back and relax today! :-)

Sea Otters Up Close

Cup of Joe: Please Keep Your Armpits Out Of My Spaghetti

SpaghettiLast weekend I visited my father at his home in Hartsville, South Carolina. Hartsville is a typical southern small town that the likes of Andy Griffith would be proud of. So you can imagine the buzz around town when a new Italian restaurant opened up. There wouldn’t be much debate, this is where we would be going for dinner.

I am not a food critic by any means, but I like Italian food. My mother’s side of the family is from Malta so while I am no expert on Italian cuisine I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on Mediterranean culture. Overall this place did a good job representing a Mediterranean style, but that wasn’t enough to save me from what was to come.

Will Facebook Get Us Ready for M-Commerce?

2010 year of the mobileDon’t you just love how every year, someone predicts that “the mobile” will “arrive”? (Me too! I love these crazy forecasts! Must be my penchant for fiction.) Well, today, Read Write Web takes a hard look at mobile eCommerce and the challenges that stand between us and buy-anytime-anywhere.

A couple years ago, about 6 months after the iPhone came out, I sat on a panel about the mobile Internet, and the final question was something along the lines of “When will the mobile Internet arrive?” My answer was when we had large scale adoption of a browsing experience like what the iPhone provided. Well, smartphones have come a long way in technology and adoption in the intervening years, and the mobile Internet is gaining in popularity worldwide—and yet m-Commerce is still lagging behind.

Size Matters: Shorter is Better

Twitter Bird GoofyIn a world of 140 characters, URLs are a thing of the past. As Twitter has grown and gained in hype popularity, the URL shorteners have seen a similar rise—but the sprint for shortest URL may actually be over.

Back in May, Twitter abandoned its default support of TinyURL, a URL shortener that reduced URLs to 25 characters. Twitter moved to, saving its users 6 characters to create 19-character URLs. (Yes, now you can add ROTFL with impunity.)

Now is announcing an even shorter URL shortener: will use all of the same tools that has, but without all those extra characters. That’s right, now your URLs can be shared in just 17 (or 18) characters. Now you can add that extra ! (and/or 1) to give your tweet the oomph it needs.

Verdict is In……Twitter and Fox Went Past the Fringe

Twitter iconEarlier this week we told you of Fox and Twitter teaming up to create some buzz about repeats of the shows Fringe and Glee. Well, hopefully there is no such thing as bad press because the comments we received about the experiment were unanimous: FAIL! Check out our impassioned reader feedback.

Ginger Says:

September 3rd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

When I watch television I’d like to see the program, concentrate on the program, and not be inundated with superfluous trivia such as the content of the Twitter being shown on Fringe. This format does not allow the viewer to see the movie. I simply decided to change the channel, as did most of my friends.

Debbie Says:

September 4th, 2009 at 12:20 am