Global Search Numbers: That’s A Lot of Zeros

Search generalAccording to comScore the number of global searches in July of 2009 topped 100,000,000,000 (that’s 100 billion for the calculator crowd). The actual number is around 113,000,000,000 (ok, that’s 113 billion), which represents a hefty 415 increase over July searches from 2008. Considering that the US was in the middle of a pretty serious political battle last year which tends to ‘goose’ any Internet numbers a bit, that is pretty impressive. I guess having an economic meltdown and a healthcare reform fiasco can add to the desire for more information as well so screw that theory and let’s move on.

So let’s look at the numbers

comScore 7-09 Results JPEG Smaller

MySpace Lags Behind Twitter in UK

Twitter iconTwitter, media sweetheart and microblogging service extraordinaire, has another coup to add to its list: they’ve now beat out MySpace in terms of most visits in the UK.

Remember MySpace? The overhyped media sweetheart before Twitter and Facebook? Hitwise UK reports that Twitter is now the 27th most visited website in the UK. This is a complete, stunning, and utter defeat to MySpace, coming in at a distant 28th ;) . However, the traffic trends over time look pretty alarming:

myspaceHowever, Twitter is not the most popular social site in the UK. That honor belongs to the reigning champ, Facebook. YouTube was #2, Bebo came in at #3, and then Twitter and MySpace.

PubCon Las Vegas 2009 – You Know You Want to Go!

If you’re debating which of the remaining 2009 internet marketing conferences you should attend, I have a suggestion for ya: PubCon!

PubCon is returning to Las Vegas November 10th thru 13th and it promises to be better than ever! The four day event is packed with great sessions, great speakers, and great networking. In fact, the last day is all about the drinking networking!

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’ll find just about every aspect of online marketing is covered, including:

  • Web 2.0 (Social Media)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Domaining
  • Video/Multimedia

Perhaps the best thing about PubCon is the price tag. Despite the awesome content, PubCon is less than $600 $750–for a full week pass! Is it selling itself short? Let’s ask founder Brett Tabke:

Sony Defaults to Google’s Chrome Browser; Chrome OS Next?

Sony and Google would like to confirm that, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is alive and well.

At least, that’s the official basis for Sony agreeing to make Google’s Chrome the default browser in all Vaio notebooks sold in the US.

“Our decision to carry Chrome is based not only on the browser’s quality and functions, but also on our relationship with Google,” a spokesman for the Japanese electronics conglomerate said.

Keep in mind that this is the same Sony that ships its computers with all flavors of Microsoft’s operating system, so what does that tell you about the state of that relationship?

Skype Being Sold by eBay

skype-logoThe New York Times is reporting that eBay has a deal to sell Skype thus ending a rather tragic acquisition saga that began in 2005 when eBay ‘won’ in their fight with Google and Yahoo to buy the Internet phone service. Since that time the original deal which was for $3.1 billion has resulted in a $900 million write-down by eBay and more than its share of problems including a lawsuit in a British court over a core peer to peer technology with Skype founders.

So who are the new owners?