Do the Wave: Google Wave to Roll Out to 100,000 Testers

I’m certainly jealous. Google first showed off its new integrated communications platform, Google Wave, back at Google I/O in May. When I first heard the stories, I was all ready to roll my eyes and berate the new technology. IM and email and pictures and social networking-type stuff in the same place? Get real.

google_wave_logoAnd then I watched the video. I don’t doubt that it would be overwhelming to some. But the more you look at Google Wave, the cooler it looks. And now 100,000 testers are going to get to look pretty closely at the platform, starting tomorrow.

Twitter Gets Blitzed Out of Lubbock

Texas TechUnless you are a college football fan (hang in there social media geeks, we’ll get to your stuff soon enough ;-) ) you probably wouldn’t even have a clue what this post is about. Honestly, unless you are a Texas Tech student or fan or resident of Lubbock, TX you may not know what a Red Raider is. One thing for certain though that more folks in the social media world will know about them because their coach, Mike Lynch, has banned Twitter usage from his team completely.

That’s right – banned. Not limited or restricted – just banned. Oh, you say, there can’t be any teeth in that policy. How could he possibly enforce that? Fear might work since he has already suspended one player indefinitely from the team because of breaking the rule. If there is any question, Mashable reports

Why Internet Summit Might be the Best $295 You’ll Spend in 2009!

When do you ever find an internet marketing event with this much to offer?

Speakers? How about this line-up:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Digg
  • AOL
  • comScore
  • CBS
  • Technorati
  • Expedia
  • Pandora
  • ESPN
  • Many more!

Session topics? Broad and deep:

  • Blogging
  • Search marketing
  • Mobile
  • Cloud computing
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Video
  • Real-Time
  • Plus more great topics!

Location? The mild Fall temperatures of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The cost? Just $295 if you register this week! Yes, just $295!

Last year’s Internet Summit sold out early and was one of my favorite events of the year. I’ll be there again this year–speaking on the Blogging panel–and I hope you’ll join me!

Google Still Can’t Deliver Real-Time Search; Offers Warmed Up Leftovers Instead

There’s no doubt that Google’s feeling the heat from Twitter. Just about everyone wants to know what Google has planned to address Twitter’s rise in dominance for "real time" search results.

The biggest problem for Google is that it’s built its market share by being the most relevant search engine. How can it balance relevance and ranking with freshness and trending?

Enter Hot Trends for search results.

Google has announced that when your search query matches one of the top 100 fastest rising search terms, you’ll see a graph at the bottom of the search page–complete with data on just how popular it is, how fast it’s rising and…that’s about it, actually.

There are a couple of problems with this integration.

Google & Bank Work Together, But Still Can’t Reactivate Gmail Account

So it was all for nothing.

After having a panic attack and asking a judge to shut down a Gmail user’s account, Rocky Mountain Bank and Google have worked together on a resolution. The only problem is, Google can’t reinstate the Gmail account without the judge’s permission!

“While we regret that the user has been locked out of their account through no fault of their own, we’re not legally able to reactivate the account until the court approves our motion to dismiss the case and vacate the TRO,” Pederson added. “We’re hopeful that the court will act quickly, and as soon as the motion is approved, we’ll reactivate the account.”

OK, a couple of questions.

Google Docs and the New World Student

Google DocsIf you are going to school it is probably hard to imagine a better resume builder than an internship at Google. I suspect that those folks will have a bit of an advantage in an interview situation over the kid who tries to spin his gig waiting tables at the beach for the summer by saying he “managed workflow and expedited product delivery in a fast paced, food related industry.” So what were these busy, industrious over-achievers up to for the summer? Trying to make school easier, of course, through improvements in Google Docs.

What Do Y!ou Think of Yahoo’s New TV Ad?

Presenting the first ad from Yahoo’s multi-million dollar campaign.

I’ll save my thoughts for now, but what do Y!ou think of it?