New Data Suggests We’ve Grown Bored of Twitter

If we can believe Hitwise, we’ve all hit a Twitter slump:

Of course, this could just mean that we’re all switching from the web interface to desktop and mobile applications, but surely if Twitter were adding new users, they’d start with the web site, right?

Hmm. Maybe there’s a slump in those seeking out Twitter too!

What are your thoughts?

Friday Fun: DailyBooth Caption Contest

If you’re not familiar with, the best way to describe it is it’s like Twitter, but with snapshots of your face. Yeah I know, sounds lame, right?

Except that I can help but laugh out loud every time Dream Systems Media owner Matt Siltala posts his latest mugshot to DailyBooth–which he then feeds to his Twitter stream. In fact, so strange/funny/bizarre/scary are Matt’s expressions, that I asked him to provide one for a caption contest.

Here it is:

So, if you’re up for winning a $25 iTunes gift card, simply provide a caption for the above photo. You can leave a comment below–or at Matt’s DailyBooth page. Either way, you have until 9pm ET today to provide a funny–and clean–caption. Matt will then pick his favorite as the winner.

Rare Video Footage: MSFT’s Steve Ballmer Sitting In–Not Throwing–a Chair!

It’s always nice to see Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer actually sitting on a chair, as opposed to throwing one. :-)

In this video, he chats with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington about a host of Microsoft initiatives. Mid-way through, he discusses search…

…the UI, the approach, the algorithms have changed less in the last five years, then more … so I think if you look out the next 10 years we’re going to see more innovation in search. And, of course, that’ll be best served by good competition in the market and, y’know, at this stage, hopefully with the government approval of our deal with Yahoo, the good competition better come from us. Otherwise I don’t think we’ll see some of that innovation.

Social Media Ad Spend on the Rise

Dollars FloatingThe headline alone should not be a surprise to anyone who is in the marketing, and particularly the Internet marketing, space because despite the economy social media is on the rise. The number of users and the amount of time spent on various social media sites has seen the ‘hockey stick’ kind of growth that most only dream of. So in our wonderful modern world, where there are people there will be ad spend. Nielsen tells us that this trend is taking hold as reported by ClickZ

Google Chrome: 40x Faster at Attracting Malware in Internet Explorer

Whether you saw Google’s attempts to insert Chrome into Internet Explorer as genius or evil, both sides just upped the ante.

First Google. OK, technically Google didn’t thump it’s chest over these startling numbers…

  • IE7 using Chrome Frame is about 40 times faster at running through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test than IE7 alone.
  • IE8 using Chrome Frame is about 10 times faster at running through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test than IE8 alone.

But, Google employees were quick to help spread the word…

Jolly good! We can all inject Google’s Chrome into our IE then, can we? Safer than Botox injections, right?

Not so fast, my friend! A Microsoft spokesperson tells Ars Technica:

You’re Doing What Where?

twitter-logo1Twitter asks “What are you doing?” and people respond in 140 character max chunks of ‘wisdom’ ranging from helpful to inane. As the rest of the world gets used to what many technophiles have known for years they will have the opportunity shortly to not only know what someone is doing but where they are doing it as well.

While I am not sure if this marks a new beginning or the end of the world as we know it (you can start humming the REM song now) it certainly may be interesting at the very least. We hear from Gina Trapani at Smarterware from the Twitter Conference in LA that Twitter’s platform lead Ryan Sarver gave the group a rundown of some service details. By the way, it was supposed to rolled out at the conference but there have been delays so hang in there.

Judge Shuts Down Innocent User’s Gmail Account Over a Bank’s Screw-up!

It’s bad enough that financial institutions are screwing up our economy, they’re now screwing up our privacy and freedom of speech!

U.S. District Court Judge James Ware, in the northern district of California, just issued a court order forcing Google to shut down a Gmail account and turn over users identity & contact information. The user did nothing wrong!

In fact, this incredible situation is the final outcome of a screw-up by Rocky Mountain Bank…

On Aug. 12, the bank mistakenly sent names, addresses, social security numbers and loan information of more than 1,300 customers to a Gmail address. When the bank realized the problem, it sent a message to that same address asking the recipient to contact the bank and destroy the file without opening it.