Why I’m Not Sweating Reputation Bullets Over Google Sidewiki

So thanks to Google, I will once again start hearing from my reputation management clients. They’ll all want to know about the ramifications of Google’s new Sidewiki for their online reputation.

My response? Don’t sweat it.

If you’re not familiar, I’ll give you a quick overview of Google Sidewiki. It’s a Google Toolbar add-on that lets you view user comments–ranked by Google for importance–for any web page you happen to visit. It looks something like this:

If you need more details, then Danny Sullivan burned the midnight oil to dissect every aspect of it. But really, there’s not much more to it than what I’ve summarized above.

OK, back to the reputation aspects of Sidewiki. Here’s why I’m not sweating it.

Google Book Deal Runs Out of Ink; A New Chapter Coming Soon?

Almost a year after Google announced an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) to display the text of in-copyright, out-of-print books, the deal is now dead.

The proposed agreement has been fraught with issues–and many attempts to block it–and with the DoJ saying it wouldn’t approve the settlement as written, Google just decided to drop the proposal.

That said, Google is still hell-bent on getting the book deal agreed–no matter the terms:

…Google has this to say: "The plaintiffs moved for an adjournment of the final Fairness Hearing, currently scheduled for October 7. We are considering the points raised by the Department of Justice and others, and we look forward to addressing them as the court proceedings continue."

Is This Recession Over Yet?

RecessionWe appear to be caught in a rut as of late. No one wants to make a definitive statement as to whether or not the recession / slow down / depression / aberration or whatever we call this thing is over or not. Depending on who you talk to we can either be on the edge of a recovery or the edge of a cliff. Is there a way to tell if this dark economic time is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel?

About 1 in 4 Users of Twitters Use Access Apps

Twitter Bird GoofyThis is one of those chances for our readers to help with an informal survey of sorts. According to a report issued by Crowd Science and reported over at the GigaOm blog, 27 % of Twitter users access the service via a third party application like TweetDeck, Twhirl etc. etc. If you would be so kind we would like to hear how you access Twitter. If you use a third party app let us know which one and why. If you don’t use an app let us know and why. Why are we asking these questions? We’re just curious, I suppose.

News of the Weird: Nigeria Demands Apology from Sony for Defamation?

All right, folks. Raise your hands if you haven’t received a scam email from someone purporting to be either Nigerian or a Nigerian governmental-type person. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask whether you fell for it.) The practice has gone on for so long, I sort of figured Nigeria didn’t care. (Then again, what were they going to do, issue a press release? An FAQ on Nigeria.com? That helps.)

125px-Flag_of_Nigeria.svgTurns out, they do—or at least, they might. The story is so strange that even Michael Masnick of TechDirt, who covers all kinds of bizarre legalities, isn’t sure whether to believe it.

The Vanguard, apparently a Nigerian news site, reports on the official government statement by Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili:

New Twitter Contest: $8,000+ of Prizes to Give Away!

trk_logoYou should already know that Trackur is the easiest social media monitoring tool around, so how about a Twitter contest that is equally easy to enter?

Get ready for the Trackur Twitter Sweepstakes!

Starting Wednesday September 23rd Trackur is giving away 14 fantastic prizes over a one week period. Each week day (23rd, 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th, Oct 1st) Trackur will randomly announce two new questions that are as easy to answer as Trackur is to use. The questions will be announced via the official @Trackur Twitter account and will use the hashtag #TrackurTrivia.

When you see that tweet, you’ll have 60 minutes to answer the question in the following format:

#TrackurTrivia @Trackur: [Your Answer]

Bing Up Again; Can Yahoo Follow in its Footsteps?

bing-logo-2-jMicrosoft’s Bing continues to grow its market share, according to comScore. They’re up from 8% (Microsoft’s market share at launch) to 9.3% (that astounding leap represents over 16% growth!! Google’s growth rate, by comparison, is paltry! Paltry, I tell you!). And we probably have to ascribe at least a little of their growth to their $100M marketing blitz.

So, AllThingsD asks, can marketing do the same for Yahoo (and, well, “you“)—and if so, should Yahoo be excited or concerned? After all, $100M seems pretty steep for 1.3 percentage points (even if it is over 16% growth!! [the sarcasm is because we all need reminders of how people lie with statistics]).