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Let me guess: you’re looking for a way to get your clients’ products placed in all kinds of media—but you can’t afford any celebrity endorsements. Well, if you’re okay with your products being hawked by nobodies, you might be in luck, according to an AdAge article on Udorse.

Okay, at first it doesn’t sound so appealing: pay everybody and his dog for taking pictures of themselves with your products sounds like a good way to bankrupt yourself. But naturally, these people aren’t pulling in the same endorsement fees the big stars are.

But the real genius of the system isn’t from paying people to be pictured with your product—it’s the implementation. Udorse automatically uses Facebook photos for images with tagged products. Join the system and tag the product, and you’re taken to a short endorsement form to fill out.

Even better, the system isn’t just a flat-fee-for-photo rate—it’s more like affiliate marketing. When your friends take an action associated with the brand/product you endorse (presumably through your photo/tag/profile), then you get paid (via PayPal). Presumably, Udorse also takes a portion of that sale.

Facebook users (and they’re working on this with MySpace and LinkedIn, too) can also search for endorsements by topic.

Because they’re tapping the power of social networks, in some ways this is better than celebrity endorsements. Are you more likely to read a book recommended by a celebrity (yes, even Oprah) or one of your friends? On the other hand, we just said that affiliate marketing via social networks is, and I quote, “craptastic.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go take pictures of myself with . . . every brand I have in the house.

What do you think? Can this system work? Will Udorse be able to get enough brands and members to make it work—and will they get enough of a cut to make it worth their while?

  • PS3

    I’ve struggled miserably in the past to get campaigns going viral. My latest attempt was giving away an iPhone 3GS but even that was low Key. May have to give this a go next time!