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If you’re debating which of the remaining 2009 internet marketing conferences you should attend, I have a suggestion for ya: PubCon!

PubCon is returning to Las Vegas November 10th thru 13th and it promises to be better than ever! The four day event is packed with great sessions, great speakers, and great networking. In fact, the last day is all about the drinking networking!

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’ll find just about every aspect of online marketing is covered, including:

  • Web 2.0 (Social Media)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Domaining
  • Video/Multimedia

Perhaps the best thing about PubCon is the price tag. Despite the awesome content, PubCon is less than $600 $750–for a full week pass! Is it selling itself short? Let’s ask founder Brett Tabke:

“We know that we need to keep the conference affordable and provide the best content available at any related conference. It’s a difficult task trying to reconcile these two with the corporate attendees that aren’t as price sensitive. They see us priced at $599 and compare that to a conference at $1999 and assume PubCon content isn’t as good, when in fact we have deeper content than the $1,999 conference.”

You heard him folks. A $2,000 conference for $600 $749! What are you waiting for? Hotels in Vegas are less than $50 a night, so register now!

Note: While this is not a sponsored post, Marketing Pilgrim is a media partner for PubCon. No money changed hands and no animals were hurt in the creation of this post. 🙂

  • I will see you there! Last year’s show was great. I’m looking forward to another trip to Vegas, and hopefully Dallas after that.

  • Pubcon passes are now $749…$599 was the intro price but that expired a month ago.

  • @Dina,

    Are you bringing the money cage again to Pubcon this year? 🙂

    Great seeing you again at PubCon in Austin earlier this year.

    ,Michael Martin
    .-= Michael Martin´s last blog ..You Don’t Need to be a Hero to Have a Voice in the Android Market =-.

  • @Todd – my bad. Thanks for the correction.

  • PS3

    Mention Pub to most people in the UK and they will be up and ready….for a beer!

    Oh how I’d love to take a trip to Vegas, it’s on my “must go see” list.

  • The domaining portion of the event should be very interesting. Is there a link to find out who will be speaking on that topic?
    .-= DomSys´s last blog ..OnlineNic Told to Pay $33 Million to Verizon over Cybersquatting Judgment =-.

  • @Michael Martin We actually retired the cashinator! We’ll have a service for it sometime in the near future 🙂

  • Pub, you say? Anything to do with a pub can’t be bad – where do I sign? Long way to go for a pint though 🙂


  • @Kruse LOL well there are those types of pubs around there, too. And the majority of the show time is spent in them 🙂

  • PS3

    Moe’s Taveren for the win!

    In all seriousness, I would certainly benefit from the slots on SEO and Affiliate marketing. I have touched the surface but feel like the proverbial Jack of all trades.

  • Are the hotels <$50 still? Which one(s)?