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It’s always nice to see Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer actually sitting on a chair, as opposed to throwing one. 🙂

In this video, he chats with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington about a host of Microsoft initiatives. Mid-way through, he discusses search…

…the UI, the approach, the algorithms have changed less in the last five years, then more … so I think if you look out the next 10 years we’re going to see more innovation in search. And, of course, that’ll be best served by good competition in the market and, y’know, at this stage, hopefully with the government approval of our deal with Yahoo, the good competition better come from us. Otherwise I don’t think we’ll see some of that innovation.

It’s interesting to note that Ballmer rarely refers to Google by name in an interview. In this case, he talks about the "incumbent."

Want the entire transcript? Head to TC.

  • Don’t understand what is his beef with Linux??? Oh yea they need to sell more Windows products….

    Windows was primarily reason I turned to Linux. And I do not see myself going back Windows anytime soon.

    Are there any videos out there of him throwing chairs? Would love to see one.
    .-= Vlad Zablotskyy´s last blog ..Telling Google How Often To Crawl Your Site- Not A Good Idea After All. =-.

  • Not surprised that he won’t mention Google by name. Media training 101 from his PR people. Don’t give the competition the oxygen of publicity, de-personalises a story and makes it harder for the interviewer to ask you questions on the competitor.

    The use of the word incumbent is designed to evoke the image of a monopoly and is perfectly consistent with Microsoft’s extensive lobbying in Washington, Westminster and Brussels regarding Google and encourage politicians to bring down the anti-trust hammer.

  • Saying things like “the UI, the approach, the algorithms have changed less in the last five years, then more” would sound less like a specifically contrived shot at the “incumbent” and an honest assessment if the statement wasn’t almost exactly word for word what some Bing guys said in an interview with Rand posted last night:

    Nice try at sounding like an actual human and not a walking press release though guys… almost worked.
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