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If the Hitwise data for Twitter usage in Australia is any indication of how the rest of the world uses the microblogging service, it’s growing in influence–insanely!


In the past 6 months:

  1. The number of Australian sites that send visitors to Twitter is up 479%.
  2. The number of Australian visitors to Twitter is up an equally impressive 460%.
  3. The number of  Australian sites that Twitter sends traffic to has increased to 17,000.

So, no real surprises here. Who didn’t know that Twitter had become a huge influence on the interwebz? 😛

  • Udi

    What a shocking revelation 😉

    When I created my blog a month and a half ago, I’ve decided not to rely on Search Engine traffic at all (in the sense that I didn’t optimize it, didn’t try to build links deliberately, etc). My blog is my second most popular site, and almost all traffic comes from Twitter (perhaps surprisingly, I do get some decent Bing traffic…)
    .-= Udi´s last blog ..Gaining Twitter Followers Through Interaction – An Inherent Limitation? =-.

  • Twitter influences the way people behave on the social Web?


    Seriously, it’s great to use tools like Twitter to boost your brand and distribute content. However something strikes me from that comment by Udi. You aren’t optimizing your site AT ALL?


    Wouldn’t you like to receive more traffic from the SERPs, especially with all the Twitter folks who follow you on the microblog but some time or another may head to Google to find one of your blog posts?

    Not trying to unload with both barrels here, just making an observation that Twitter = WIN, but Twitter + Blog + AdWords + Strategy + Tactics + Killer PR + [Insert Whatever I Forgot Here] = Super Fantastic WIN.
    .-= Social Media Commando´s last blog ..Teens Don’t Tweet (But They Should) =-.

  • Udi

    Social Media Commando,

    I am using SEO plugins, I am designing my pages and building links properly, or to summarize – I am building my website in a way that search engines should like.

    However, I’m not optimizing it in the sense that I don’t stuff keywords, I am not even checking for which long tail keywords would bring me more traffic. I know that if I use the right long tail phrases intelligently, I’ll get much more traffic (it works very well on my other sites).

    Should I do it? Maybe. You are probably right that I have nothing to lose and much to gain by doing so. It was just a conscious decision made that for my blog I would not do that. That if I am persistent enough and write good content for long enough it’ll come, and that Twitter traffic should be sufficient until then. I have another website (actually, the first I ever made) all with unique content (and much of it), completely unoptimized (before I knew anything about SEO), and it’s in the first page of Google and gets more traffic than any other website I have, simply because it’s a really good website.
    .-= Udi´s last blog ..Gaining Twitter Followers Through Interaction – An Inherent Limitation? =-.

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