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Presenting the first ad from Yahoo’s multi-million dollar campaign.

I’ll save my thoughts for now, but what do Y!ou think of it?

  • It looks to me like they’re trying pretty hard to be hip 🙁


    • Cat

      I’d have to disagree — I think it’s just plain cool. I suppose anything cool could be labeled “try-hard,” but it’s pretty awesome.

  • I wish Yahoo’s products and services were as cool as that commercial.
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  • I like the concept, but I don`t think it makes me want to run out and use it. Although, as an SEO, I am always rootin for the underdog… I mean, wouldn`t it be nice if someone could throw Google off the throne, even for a min?
    .-= Jenny Stradling´s last blog ..SEO tip of the day: Using Secondary Keywords to support a Root Term =-.

  • I’m not impressed because it’s basically saying “we are a brand” but they don’t explain “about what” or “relevant to what”. Being about “You” is not sufficient, in my opinion.

  • @SynnoveSilva

    The “It’s Y!ou” slogan seems to me a pretty good branding effort, however I’m not so sure brand awareness is the issue for Yahoo. I don’t necessarily see how this ad campaign will drive more traffic or increase business.

    Having said that, I’m all for increased competition in the search industry.

  • I agree that they’re trying a little too hard to be hip. Without ramping up the hipness factor (a lot) on the site, this is just an ad with no connection to reality. And why are they still allowing people to take a sneak peek at the new homepage? Shouldn’t that just be the default now that they’ve launched this big campaign? (Not that it’s a big evolution anyway.)

  • Ad is too vague to tell me what can Yahoo do for me. It does impress me the fact that Yahoo is a brand of something.
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  • Agree with @ SynnoveSilva. The “It’s Y!ou” payoff is pretty decent. Not so sure about the ad though. I don’t really know what they’re trying to communicate. Let’s see how it plays out in the long haul.
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  • PS3

    I’m impressed to be honest. Very vivid and certainly kept my interest, unlike their search engine!

  • They look like a really cute family XD. Naah seriously is time to start with the ads campaign that started with Microsoft partnership. So they have started from TV cause in the web Google´s monopoly its looks very difficult to compete , however starting with TV ads you can change peoples mind .

    Thats my opinion of course 🙂

  • Paulo Diaz

    In my humble opinion, advertising a “feeling” more than a feature does not work pretty good for something such a search engine. I use a search engine for what I can get out of it. not for what it makes me feel or how it identifies with me. Knowing what they want to achieve does not make me understand why I nned them for.

  • The New Yahoo Add looks pretty cool ! but when it comes to performance and serving the visitors with correct information what they are looking For they need to do a loot to beat Google.But i really appreciate there effort.

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  • Cat

    I couldn’t look away, esp. from the man with that crazy orange magic marker. It’s obviously effective — I mean, we ARE talking about it, aren’t we…?

  • @SynnoveSilva

    I can understand that people think these are “cool” ads. I am actually quite partial for the new slogan myself. It’s a good branding effort. But I’m not convinced that in itself will change consumer behavior and drive traffic to Yahoo. At this point in time search is synonymous with Google in the eyes of close to 70% of internet users. It’s like xerox for copiers, kleenex for tissues etc. Most people don’t say “search for it”, or “Yahoo it”. But “Google it!” is something I hear every day.

    Bottom line for me is that a cool advertising campaign is just not enough to increase your marketshare + earnings.