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Who’s responsible for the recent turmoil at Yahoo?

Who’s responsible for Yahoo signing a deal with Bing?

Who’s responsible for its stagnant search share?

It’s You! It’s all you, baby!

OK, perhaps that won’t be the entire message in Yahoo’s new global marketing campaign, but the "It’s You" part will be in there.

According to the WSJ, Yahoo is launching a new mega-million dollar marketing blitz tomorrow, with the emphasis on letting the public know that Yahoo is all about your experience.

Buzz around the new campaign has been building since Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz disclosed it to investors this summer, and the company invited reporters to a press event in New York Tuesday. Bartz, who joined Yahoo in January, hasn’t been shy about saying that the company needs a fresh start…

I’ll interject here, because Beyonce had the best marketing campaign ever and let you know that the campaign will feature new tools and also some guerilla marketing tactics to emphasize that the "Y" in Yahoo, stands for you.

Ok, back to the WSJ…

…and has expressed repeated frustration that the public doesn’t fully appreciate Yahoo’s massive scale and reach. This campaign is a big step to try to change that.

Erm, the public doesn’t fully appreciate Yahoo? I know that isn’t a direct quote from Bartz, but let’s assume the sentiment is accurate. Yahoo is frustrated that it’s not better appreciated? And they think spending millions of dollars is going to change that?

Maybe Yahoo should talk to its new partner, Microsoft, for a history lesson. Microsoft spent hundreds of millions trying to convince us to use Live Search. They failed. You see, you can polish up a turd and give it a glitzy ad campaign, but people will still see that it’s a turd. Microsoft did what was actually needed, it built a better product in Bing. With Bing, Microsoft has a great product to go along with its mega-million marketing efforts. See the connection here Yahoo?

I know that Yahoo is desperate to grow and build shareholder value, but it seems to me that the public doesn’t appreciate Yahoo because Yahoo has nothing that "flicks our bic." It’s not Google, not Facebook, and not Twitter. It’s just the same old, same old Yahoo.

Sorry Yahoo, it’s not us, it’s You! that needs to change.

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    Give Yahoo some credit, it seems to properly rank sites by content and isn’t as easily manipulated by offsite SEO. In my humble view!

    • But to do that, Yahoo would have to admit it’s a search engine–which it’s apparently reluctant to do these days. 😛

  • PS3