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Depending on your point of view, Flickr just created an easy way to spot any pending reputation disasters, or just made it easier for one to occur.

The photo sharing has added a feature we’ve seen cause reputation headaches in Facebook–the ability to tag a person inside a photo. Here’s how it looks:

Now, in the half-full camp, this new feature will make it easier for you to be alerted when an embarrassing photo of you is posted to Flickr. Tackle it now, before anyone else sees it.

In the half-empty camp, this is bad news because those photos of your partying the night away, are easier for people to find.

Either way, you need not worry about the new feature–so long as you take some preemptive action.

You can simply wait for each photo to appear in your "Recent Activity" and remove your name from those that you don’t like–you can’t delete the actual image, just the name tag. If you don’t visit Flickr often–or don’t want to take any chances–Flickr has a new "People in Photos" preference page that looks like this:

What if you’re not a Flickr user? Fortunately, the site has thought of that:

We also extend that same level of personal control to people who aren’t on Flickr. If you wish to add someone to a photo who’s not yet a member, that person needs to give their approval to be added.

Consider this a PSA for those of you that find yourself in embarrassing photos. 😉