Posted October 5, 2009 10:18 am by with 5 comments

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Google is determined to make sure it doesn’t miss out on the “Year of the Mobile.” Like the rest of us, the search engine doesn’t know when that year will actually start, but if it has anything to do with it, 2009 might just be the top candidate.

As of today, publishers can now drop smart phone optimized AdSense ads inside their mobile content.

This feature offers publishers the ability to run larger AdSense ads visible on high-end phones. Before this launch, AdSense mobile publishers were only eligible to serve smaller text and image ads on their website content.

We’ve done this by introducing a new JavaScript snippet that is easy to implement and specifically optimized for mobile to reduce latency on high-end mobile phones. Furthermore, this new snippet will allow publishers to select additional ad unit sizes from common AdSense formats.

And, it’s just as easy to add as any AdSense unit. Here’s one that I dropped into the WordPress theme we use for iPhone visitors:

Google now has the advertisers and the publishers ready for the mobile gold-rush. All we need now is for the world to continue its migration towards smart phones.