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Android LogoNow this is the kind of news I need to hear! Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Googler, has told folks during the third quarter earnings call yesterday that Android is set to further the world domination plan that Founding Father’s Sergey and Larry set in place back in the year 1 AG (After Google) which is the year 1998 AD (for those who need to know the conversion).

Why am I excited? Well, it’s because I am not an AT&T customer and won’t be for the foreseeable future. So what? Then that means I won’t have an iPhone to replace my red-headed stepchild, 15th cousin twice removed, black sheep of the touch screen smart phone family BlackBerry Storm. As a pure stop-gap measure to being included in Apple’s app-mania I have purchased a new iPod Touch. Are you following here?

So let’s do the math. If I don’t want to go with AT&T because I think there is enough evidence that their network may indeed suck I can still have iPhone fun (to a degree) but then be able to have the potential iPhone killer, an Android phone to replace my BlackBerry? I’m in! And now since Chief Googler Schmidt proclaims the Age of Android is about to fire up well I may be positioned to be the cool kid on the block! Woo hoo!

OK so it’s Friday and I am a little worn out. Here’s the news from TechCrunch

During Google’s third quarter earnings conference call today, one message came out loud and clear: Google’s mobile strategy is starting to pay off. “Android adoption is about to explode,” declared CEO Eric Schmidt, explaining that all the “necessary conditions” are set for growth: There are now 12 Android phones out there (most recently the Motorola Cliq ) across 32 carriers in 26 countries.

As a Verizon customer I am ready to trade in my Storm for the Android phones they have on tap. While it may be a little risky due to Android’s early stage of product development and testing I am ready to give it a shot.

Google would love to see that for sure as evidenced by this quote

In response to a question about how material mobile searches are to Google, CFO Patrick Pichette replied:

Again, we don’t give the detail numbers. On a quarter over quarter basis, mobile searches grew 30% on Google. It tells you something about the mobile space, the smartphones, and how they are transformative. They are basically transforming how people live on a mobile basis. If we move forward the adoption of these mobile phones by lowering the cost because it is open source, think of how many searches [that will produce].

The sound of Google’s cash registers ringing as a result of mobile search will be deafening. Regardless, I am ready to be converted. I am ready to be further assimilated into the Goog. Take me to your leader!