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Google China logoGoogle wants a book deal. And no, not so it can spill all the secrets of the Internet, but so they can offer electronic versions of books. But their proposed settlement faced so much opposition that they had to drop it, although they’re still pursuing other avenues. Aside from Yahoo and Microsoft, authors also challenged the Google book deal—including Chinese authors.

But the Chinese authors’ complaints, when indexed by Google, were listed as potentially harmful in SERPs, The Inquirer reports. Baidu gave no malware warning in its SERPs for the page. After readers reported this, the newspaper of the Communist Party accused the search engine of keeping its users away from the information. Meanwhile, an unnamed paper official said the section with the complaint was “maliciously blocked by Google.”

Yep. That’s right. The Chinese government’s newspaper accused Google of censorship. Now, we all know that the Chinese government would never censor the Internet, so clearly, we can definitely believe everything they say. Riiiight.

The facts: Google is serving a malware warning for that page. But, Google claims, that warning is handled by an algorithm. No human hands, etc. And we’ve seen in the past that’s the way this works.

So what do you think? Is Google trying to keep its users from seeing the Chinese authors’ complaints? Or is it just their crappy luck that their software flagged the page and now it’s getting even more attention?


  • lol what an awesome story – of course china would never censor their citizens
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  • Joshua

    As much as how ridiculous that the China government blocked google, I must say, google’s such ‘algorithm’ works not so well for websites in China.

    Cause I know several websites that I’ve been using, which I am sure are safe and from education institutes, are blocked by Google.

  • Lisa

    Google IS censoring the news. When I enter specific search terms for scientific studies which question vaccine safety, the google “computer program” seems to bury the articles, but if I search on dogpile or lycos, they articles come up on top. Google hired someone out of the pharmaceutical industry to run things, and health articles in particular are ranked higher if they are pro vaccine than if they question vaccine safety, which does not reflect the public sentiment at the moment.

  • I think they are censored. I get different search result when i use a different search engine.
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