Posted October 13, 2009 11:27 am by with 3 comments

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Nothing will scare a web site marketer more than either of these two situations:

1. Google flagging your site: "This site may harm your computer"

2. Seeing exactly how your site looks to Google’s spider

Well, Google has announced two new Webmaster Tools Labs features that help with either of these scenarios. First, Google will provide snippets of code that exist on some of your pages that it considers to be malicious. You no longer have to scour your entire site, looking for the malicious code.

It looks like this:

The second feature allows you to "see" your site as Googlebot sees it. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with this new tool. OK, so it does show you the HTML code that was fetched by Googlebot, but unless you’re looking for session IDs or cache info, it returns no more than you’d see if you simply "viewed source" in your browser.

I much prefer my way of checking how Google sees a web page. Simply pull up the cache of your page:

Then view the "Text-only version." You’ll then see how Googlebot sees your site–completely stripped of any CSS, images, Flash, etc.

For me, this visual display tells me much more than looking at a hundred lines of code. Then again, I’m not a web developer, so maybe what Googlebot sees is more sexier to those that live inside a text-editor. 😉