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facebook-logoAs far as Internet business goes it would be hard to imagine someone having a worse year than Sanford Wallace. Who you ask? Mr. Wallace is the Spam King who had a judgment made against him last year in a suit filed by MySpace for $234 million. Now add Facebook to the list of people who basically own Mr. Sanford, Facebook. Just so you know, while I say he is having a bad year it doesn’t mean I am not thrilled to see this kind of Internet low-life get what he deserves. Mashable tells a little more about Mr. Wallace and how deep he is into this now.

Today Facebook reported they’ve been awarded $711 million in damages by a San Jose, CA court against Sanford Wallace, the notorious “Spam King” that MySpace also successfully went after last year to the tune of a $234 million judgment.

That’s some serious cash. Of course, they don’t expect to see that kind of money from Mr. Wallace (probably a case of not being able to get blood from a stone). All Facebook needs to do is to continue to send the message that they are not going to roll over and play dead when the spammers come to town. I say good for them and I hope they keep at it.

Facebook’s blog tells the rest of the story because this is not the first time this has happened.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to court to battle spam. Last November, we also told you about our first victory—an $873 million judgment made against Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital for sending sleazy messages to people on Facebook. This was the largest judgment ever for an action brought under CAN-SPAM. We continue to work on collecting as much as possible from Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue (likely far less than the full amount) and have hired a firm to help with this. We’re hopeful that this kind of persistent pressure will act as a deterrent against those attempting to trick and annoy people on Facebook.

At the end of their post the Facebook team states that they will “continue to bring spammers to justice.” While I understand the desire to clean things up this image of a Facebook super hero approach to the spam issue is too much for even the most zealous Facebook supporter to not chuckle at. But hey, it sure beats them rolling over and just allowing their product to get all junked up. Keep it up, Facebook.