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Facebook IconI have to give the folks at Facebook credit. They keep grinding forward with news that is relevant to making money and providing a better service for marketers. Earlier this year everyone wanted to throw the whole Facebook thing in the center of the ring and stone it to death. They couldn’t do anything right ranging from redesign issues to terms of service debacles. Now Justin Smith of Inside Facebook is reporting that a new API for the Facebook ad platform is being rolled out to a few agencies and could be out in the general Facebook population very soon.

Earlier this year, we speculated on when Facebook would launch APIs for Facebook Ads to allow performance marketers to automate ad management. Well, it appears it’s happening now: recently, Facebook started beta testing its new advertising APIs with just a few agencies around the world.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the tests, saying that it will “open up to some more advertisers in the next week or so.”

This is the kind of thing that could give larger advertisers the kinds of tools that are expected from real companies. In other words, Facebook is modeling Google and others in taking the necessary steps to make it easier for advertisers to do what they best: advertise. Based on the last post I did which was bemoaning the near indifference of Twitter’s leadership regarding revenue generation this is refreshing.

Smith explains further

Because those tools have never existed for Facebook Ads, performance advertisers have had to either manage their Facebook Ads campaigns manually, or hack their own tools. Now, Facebook is testing simple yet powerful APIs that allow agencies and advertisers to create thousands of ads with different creative and targeting permutations and optimize bids in real time.

So while there is nothing to see quite yet there is at least something to look forward to. We are in a day and age where the changes in the marketing and advertising landscape are outpacing the ability to take advantage of them. Social media is sweeping everyone away with its constant talk of potential but now it is maturing in some areas to the point to start to deliver. We are starting to get past the sizzle and Facebook is looking to finally serve the steak.

Let’s hope this is just the start of this kind of improvement on the horizon. Lord knows we need it.

  • Thank god this is finally happening. I am tired of the scripts I have to run myself to make Facebook advertising somewhat manageable. Facebook is all about testing a huge number of ads, so it makes a great deal of sense for them to offer APIs. It’s about time.

  • Frank they badly need it. I would estimate conservatively that 80% of the facebook ads I get are irrelevant and a good percentage of those offensive and downright obnoxious in the way they display women.
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  • A facebook ads API is a great idea, I’m glad to see that, like google, facebook is open and forward thinking enough to see the benefits of API’s for large scale ad management. Hallelujah!
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  • farukh

    Many online marketing companies are rendering Facebook to promote their business and generate traffic to their site. But doing excessive activities can result in getting your profiles banned. Let’s know what “not-to-do” when marketing via Facebook

  • Great Idea. Facebook will get you more attention..Facebook are pretty much useful tool for promoting your business. ..
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