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Sometimes I make a mistake in my writing. I know, hard to believe. 😉

So, after correcting an earlier typo, I just happened to check Google’s search index to see if my post had been indexed yet. Not only had the post been indexed, but the typo fix–from just seconds earlier–had already been updated!

0 to indexed in just 37 seconds? That’s pretty “real time” don’t you think?

  • I have had a lot of posts show up within seconds of posting. I think a lot of it has to do with your website and how you “train” Google. If you rarely post, Google has little reason to stop back by. If your content is constantly growing, Google (in its need for new content) will come back more frequently. When I get a blog up to that type of content growth, I tend to get indexed almost instantly.
    Those that are complaining about wanting “real time” searches from Google are simply not wanting to have to add content on a regular basis…
    .-= Ed @ TheQuickPress´s last blog ..Feeling Lost in Terms of Content? =-.

    • Thanks Ed. I’m aware of Google’s spidering habits, but this was fast, even by their normal indexing standards for MP. 🙂

  • Probably new posts on most of blogs with decent activity get indexed because of rss feed pings, in this case I think your blog is quite active in comments so especially for recent post there are lot of chanes so google got a habit to visit often your new pages.

  • That’s real fast!

    My best was within the hour.

    Google will absolutely reward those who are frequently and consistently ‘active’, and you can see those benefits, for the most part, if you just follow their guidelines.

    I still use a one riot and Twitter. As far as ‘real time’ give them a few weeks 🙂

    Some of the new advanced search option filters on Google are a step in the right direction!
    .-= Brent Rangen´s last blog ..Re: Facebook on Real Estate =-.

  • They’ve been doing this for years. It’s happening only for high-productivity/link-popular sites like Nothing to get too excited about.
    .-= Michael Martinez´s last blog ..Signs you have a quality Web site =-.

  • You appear to be using FeedBurner. FeedBurner uses PubSubHubbub to do real-time sending of updates. I assume Google is smart enough to be using that to direct their spiders…
    .-= Otto´s last blog ..Comment on How to find a backdoor in a hacked WordPress by Password protected wordpress hack =-.

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  • Actually Andy, you may still dismiss it off saying yours is one of the popular blogs which Google indexed pretty fast. But one of my new blogs where I had been writing obsessively everyday got new pages indexed in a matter of 2-3 minutes..I am talking about a blog that was less than a month old..
    .-= Anand Srinivasan´s last blog ..Average Household Broadband Data Consumption =-.

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  • Dario

    Was the new version UPDATED or was it the only one that was indexed?

  • The same has happened when I first set up my Electric ego blog on wordpress. Google was indexing it almost instantaneously. My posting frequency was one post a day and there were no SEO plugins or any other installed…..No feedburner account at that time as well….now sadly, google’s stopped it..and I am curious if this real time indexing happens just by chance of you can do something to actually get google index your content faster. Suggestions other than increasing posting frequency welcome.
    .-= Aakash´s last blog ..Google PageRank update October 2009 =-.

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  • Was the new version UPDATED or was it the only one that was indexed?
    .-= Eri Ricaldo´s last blog ..Get 100 Dollar from Paypal by Share Your Wishlist =-.