Posted October 16, 2009 10:23 am by with 11 comments

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It’s a good day for reputation management consultants everywhere–we just got Google’s official endorsement!

Yep, Google has come off the fence and wholeheartedly endorsed the creation of positive web content to try and outrank anything negative. In the Google post, the search engine does an admirable job of creating a primer for Google Reputation Management which includes this endorsement of creating positive web pages:

Instead, you can try to reduce its visibility in the search results by proactively publishing useful, positive information about yourself or your business. If you can get stuff that you want people to see to outperform the stuff you don’t want them to see, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of harm that that negative or embarrassing content can do to your reputation.
(emphasis Google’s)

Of course, this isn’t ground breaking in any way–Google also offers advice for SEO, although just as basic–but it’s nice to see Google giving the green light to online reputation management campaigns. I wonder how much of the impetus for this post came from all of the content removal requests Google gets each day. 😉

PS. Once you’ve read Google’s reputation management advice, you can check out my Google reputation management tips here and don’t forget I have tons of this stuff in my book Radically Transparent!