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Google knows that more and more of our searching is carried out away from our main computers, and it doesn’t want to risk you using some other mobile search interface–hence the rollout of some new synching features.

First up, we learn that Google’s Personalized Suggest feature has gone mobile. If you’re signed into your Google account and use to search for ingredients for that new scallop dish you’ve been wanting to attempt to make, Google will save that search history and display it inside your mobile search interface! So long as you have an iPhone, Android or Palm phone on your hip while shopping at the local grocery store, you’re good to go!

It’s also great for traveling, which is the screenshot Google provides:

Speaking of traveling. Google wants to come with me on my next trip to Hawaii! Huh? How does Google know that my wife writes travel tips for Hawaii and we go there a lot? </paranoia>

Actually, Google uses Hawaii to demonstrate another cool synching feature: Local Search for Mobile. Here’s how one Googler used it for their Hawaii trip:

Before I left, I researched places to visit on Google Maps. I signed in to my Google account and starred the places I wanted to go. Once I got to Hawaii, by signing in on my phone, I was able to see the places I starred on desktop Maps under "Starred Places". I could then click through on place names to visit mobile-optimized versions of Place Pages for Google Maps that include opening hours, reviews, photos, and more.

This is what you’ll see on your phone:

We all talk about the "Year of the Mobile" and assume that it will dawn with the arrival of some kind of killer app. More likely, small, useful updates like these will drive more of us to rely solely on our mobile devices.