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We’re always on the hunt for Google’s next big thing. This week’s report is from Google Operating System, who’s found an internal tool that might roll out to all users. Google Cloudboard is a server-side clipboard that makes cutting and pasting between Google Apps—specifically Gmail, documents from Google Documents and spreadsheets from Google Documents, and more—work even better.

GOS had linked to an extensive internal feedback form (which Google has now disabled, GOS has a screen shot of it). The form gives several examples of Cloudboard capabilities, starting with “if you copy a formatted cell range in Trix [Google Docs spreadsheet] (cell border, colors, etc.) and then paste into Writely [Google Docs document], it’s transformed into a comparably-styled HTML table.”

Other examples in the form included:

pasting excerpts from Google Spreadsheets to Gmail, copying multiple images from Picasa Web Albums, copying YouTube videos, copying an event and pasting it into Google Docs or Gmail, pasting copied items from Google Image Search, copying maps into Google Docs etc.

As GOS notes, Google used to have capabilities to save and note web pages with Google Notebook, released from beta in March 2007. By July of that year, Notebook was rolling out to all signed-in SERPs, whether you’d registered for the service or not. It looked like this might become a service to be a “web clipboard,” as GOS put it—until Google discontinued active development on Notebook in January of this year.

Personally, I do like “web clipboard” services. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Evernote, but I don’t want to have to open a Google doc or email myself every time I find something I want to save. (Evernote has a Java bookmarklet that you can use to add the page you’re currently viewing to your saved items—I’d expect something similar from Google before I could consider switching.)

Currently, for those who have access to Cloudboard, the service only stores the most recent copied item, so you have to be sure to paste anything you want to keep before copying another item.

What do you think? Will Cloudboard be the next web clipboard? Or do they need a lot more features before they’ll be ready for world domination prime time?

  • Wow, this would be nice. I have to say that the ctrl+c and ctrl+v are probably the two functions I use the most and this would just make things even easier. I love progress.

  • Sorry to ask …but can any one help me with an link where i can get complete information about this cloud boarding or cloud computing…what ever you call it

  • Can’t wait for this app. Who knew work could get even faster.

  • Wow! I’ve been using gmail and google docs, this will definitely come in handy. Thanks!