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google_wave_logoIn case you’ve forgotten, Google Wave is that cool new email-is-so-last-century communication method. Currently in invitation-only beta, some have hailed Google Wave and its instant, integrated communication as a huge timewaster, while others like it.

Google Wave continues to roll, too, with new clients announced for both Macs and iPhones. Called Waveboard, the client will be a desktop version of the online client.

Participating iPhone users can access the web version, of course, but Mashable says that the web version yields mixed results (with some in the comments saying that the iPhone consistently crashes in the interface). The client version would (hopefully) make Wave operate much more smoothly. Naturally, there might be some concerns about speed in the real-time platform—but a deeper look at the software changes shows that shouldn’t be a problem.

Rather than an offline application accessing the online information, the client is actually a free site-specific browser. Waveboard, however, may help Wave run faster than it would in a regular browser (especially one being used for several things simultaneously—how many tabs do you have open now? [13]).

At least one person who used it said they “tested it, nothing really different from the browser experience, which you could get by adding a fluid browser to your menu bar, but worth for the growl notification system.”

Here’s what it looks like on the iPhone:

video via

The developer says the app is awaiting approval for the Apple App Store.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a Wave client for slightly faster browsing and better notifications—or is this one Wave you’re willing to miss?

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    What exactly is Wave, is it simply a real time MSN messenger? Or am I missing something?

    The first link in the article is broken by the way, just thought you ought to know.

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  • What is Google Waveboard for Windows PC??? Is there is something as such or is it currently being launched for MAC and Linux only. Anyother website that provides very clear and more information on this, could not get completely what Google Waveboard is.

  • I can’t wait to see some good third-party desktop clients. It’s sloowwwww in a browser (at least for now). An iPhone app might not do it all from the start, but the first iPhone apps for Twitter were pretty lame compared to what we have now. It will evolve.
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  • I’d definitely go for a mobile client, for the very same reason as I have a mail client for my mobile. It’s designed to run quickly and efficiently on the device. And often, I’m on my way to a wedding (I run a band that plays at wedding – I don’t get married that often!) and having last minute communication between the band members is an important part of the way things work. At the moment this is done by text message, but the wave will make it all much cooler! For example, being able to, in the client, have the first person to arrive add a picture of the turning that is easily missed, rather than having to text each individual… That way, the whole band can arrive more easily in good time for the wedding!

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    What’s with all the funny characters in peopl’e posts?

  • Very interesting. Not completely sold on whether I would use the Wave environment through my iPhone although it’s a very exciting prospect.

    Personally, I think the power to collaborate in real-time is only something that can be truely embraced from a traditional computer screen rather than a mobile device. For that reason, if mobile applications fail to provide Wave functionality then is it worth the pain of a slower interface when traditional email is still widely accepted?

    Having said that, when some form of an iPhone or other application gets released it will be very exciting to see how good the functionality and the performance comes out within a mobile platform..