Google Goes Real Time—In Gmail

gmail beta no moreGoogle continues to struggle with real time search results, but interactive real time features may be headed for a Google property you probably use—Gmail.

Recently, a few people spotted favicons appearing on emails in Gmail. Read Write Web traced the new feature to Google’s Enhanced Content feature, as mentioned in a Google Help page last updated in July:

If you’re subscribed to receive email from certain senders, the messages you receive from them will be enhanced with an interactive gadget that has up-to-date content from their website (you’ll also see an icon in your inbox identifying these messages).

Twitter Name Auction Raising Money for Cancer Fight

Small JPEG Aviary mashable-com Picture 1Let’s for just one moment concentrate on something that while connected to social media is about something much bigger. Hopefully we are able to do that without being prompted but for today we’ll give you just a little push ;-). Mashable tells us that over the weekend, Drew Olanoff, who is fighting Hodgkins lymphoma, is using a piece of social media ‘capital’ to raise money in the fight against cancer.

As Drew put it himself at his blog

I have a pretty cool Twitter name – one that I got early early on. I love Twitter. Twitter the company, and the platform have been very good to me and to people I care about deeply.


The Ultimate Reason for Getting Your Boss on Twitter

This says it all…

Ads on the iPhone Makes Perfect AdSense!

Google is determined to make sure it doesn’t miss out on the “Year of the Mobile.” Like the rest of us, the search engine doesn’t know when that year will actually start, but if it has anything to do with it, 2009 might just be the top candidate.

As of today, publishers can now drop smart phone optimized AdSense ads inside their mobile content.

This feature offers publishers the ability to run larger AdSense ads visible on high-end phones. Before this launch, AdSense mobile publishers were only eligible to serve smaller text and image ads on their website content.

We’ve done this by introducing a new JavaScript snippet that is easy to implement and specifically optimized for mobile to reduce latency on high-end mobile phones. Furthermore, this new snippet will allow publishers to select additional ad unit sizes from common AdSense formats.

Whoah! You CAN Make Money With Podcasting…$1.5M or More!

Podcasting just doesn’t make money, right? In fact, if you’re going to start a podcast, you may as well dig out that old Ham radio and talk into static–you’ll make as much money doing so.



Sure, a podcast is not the easiest beast to monetize, but that hasn’t stopped Leo Laporte from raking in $1.5 million in revenue per year–and on track to double each year. His costs are just $350,000, not bad when consider he has 7 employees.

Of course, it helps to have Laporte’s pedigree, but that shouldn’t prevent you from investing in a podcast. If you want to hear advice from Laporte himself, check out the 40 minute presentation below:

Cup of Joe: The Big Beer Twitter List

BeerWe just heard a few days ago that Twitter plans on launching a new feature that will enable users to create custom list of users that they recommend to others. I like thinking of this as a Twitter “Blogroll”. While, I think its a pretty cool idea, Andy seems to think it is going to cause problems (Andy is probably right).

What ever the case may be, we can all agree that some lists are nothing but awesome! So this week, I have decided to take a break from the regular marketing commentary to share with you the only Twitter list that I think you will ever need.

Joe’s Big List Of Beer On Twitter

Facebook Making It Easier to Manage Ads

Facebook IconI have to give the folks at Facebook credit. They keep grinding forward with news that is relevant to making money and providing a better service for marketers. Earlier this year everyone wanted to throw the whole Facebook thing in the center of the ring and stone it to death. They couldn’t do anything right ranging from redesign issues to terms of service debacles. Now Justin Smith of Inside Facebook is reporting that a new API for the Facebook ad platform is being rolled out to a few agencies and could be out in the general Facebook population very soon.

Earlier this year, we speculated on when Facebook would launch APIs for Facebook Ads to allow performance marketers to automate ad management. Well, it appears it’s happening now: recently, Facebook started beta testing its new advertising APIs with just a few agencies around the world.