Revenue?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Revenue!

twitter-logoWhile it isn’t news that Twitter has no revenue model what is interesting to note is near yawn that the prospect of not having can draw from one of the founding fathers of the Twitterverse.

The New York Times reports that Evan Williams, who doesn’t get the pub that a guy with a cool name like Biz Stone does was speaking to a group of journalists in San Francisco today. You know those folks right? They’re the ones that if they are lucky enough to work for the Washington Post can’t even use Twitter without facing 20 lashes.

The following quote from Williams’ talk Online News Association’s annual conference tells us quite a bit.

How NOT to do Email Marketing: Scare Tactics

Email marketing reportToyota and their advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi must have thought they were onto something huge when they launched a series of emails last year. And then this week, AdAge reports, they were slapped with a lawsuit by one of their subscribers/victims. The plaintiff in this case was enrolled in the email marketing campaign when a friend decided to play a prank on her—the genesis of the Toyota/Saatchi campaign.

The emails were sent from “Sebastian Bowler.” In his emails, he told subscribers that he knew them personally, the suit alleges:

Are Banner Ads Dying?

glossy_arrow_1comScore reports that over the last two years, banner ads have seen a sharp decline in clicks—half as many web users click on banner ads now.

Two years ago, 32%—nearly one in three—web users clicked on banner ads; comScore’s data show that now only 16% do. And half of those clickers—one in twelve—account for 85% of the banner ad clicks.

comScore cautions, however, that the plummeting click metric may be less a sign of the dying banner ad format and more a sign that clicks aren’t the best indicator of banner ads’ effectiveness. And it’s true that banner ads may help with brand awareness—and may lead to other types of visits, including searches or type-in traffic.

According to Econsultancy, in fact, the greatest benefit from banner ads is that

Google Adds New Search Options

A year ago, we first started seeing Google adding Search Options to their SERPs to refine results by time or to change how those results were listed on the SERP. In May, Search Options became official, adding the ability to filter by medium (image, video, etc.) and view the results as a WonderWheel or timeline.

google-logoNow we get even more options with our search. You can filter your results now by:

  • Past hour
  • Specific date range
  • Shopping info—whether you want to see more or less
  • Pages you’ve visited (or not)
  • Sources, including blogs, books and news

Will “Bing Losing Sting” Have a Familiar Ring?

Google CrownI can’t decide if this is newsworthy or just our buddies over at StatCounter trying to get a little pub for themselves. Back in July they were reporting the June search engine numbers on the 2nd when every other reporting agency (Nielsen, comScore and HitWise) waited for their numbers to come in.

Now the Dublin based information provider is hitting the news with news that bing has suffered a greater than one percent drop in market share for the month of September. Even with that news a more revealing number could be the near 3 percentage points better that bing was in September of ’09 v. MSN Search and Live Search in September of ’08. eWeek reports

Lawsuit Over Facebook Gets Hand Tossed at Pizza Maker

PizzaI am a big fan of pizza. Maybe it’s my New York / New Jersey roots but there’s nothing like a really well done pizza with (insert favorite topping(s) here) sitting in front of a ballgame of some sort. You get the picture right?

Well, since pizza is a borderline spiritual occurrence for me it pains me to see a purveyor of pizza pie being thrown into the middle of a thin crusted legal battle. It appears as if there was something cheesy going on in Knoxville, TN as of late around the Facebook and Twitter rants of the owner of the Pizza Kitchen, Travis Redmon.

Facebook Connect Expands to Easy Installation & Translations

As if propelling Facebook into world domination weren’t enough, Facebook Connect is branching out. Now they’re making it easier for non-developers to add Facebook to their sites, and they’re adding translation as one of their services.

The “Connect Wizard” distills integrating Facebook Connect into a website into three steps. Many popular websites have long used Facebook Connect as a method of signing in to comment, and this effort expands that capability to any size website, even those without awesome tech staff. Facebook reminds us on the developer blog that Facebook Connect gives participating websites “identity for a great registration system, and immediate access to 300 million active global users.”