Don’t Miss Trackur’s PubCon Social

Whether you’re one of the 11,500+ that have registered a Trackur account, or one of the many that have helped spread the word about Trackur’s affordable social media monitoring plans, I want to thank you!

Actually, I want to do more than just thank you. I want to invite you to a special cocktail reception that Trackur’s hosting at PubCon this year. It’s a chance for you to learn about Trackur, network, and enjoy free drinks and snacks!

Here are the details:

Where: ENVY Lounge located at the Renaissance Hotel–next door to the convention center.

When: Wednesday November 11th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

What: Beer, wine and snacks.

Who: All PubCon attendees.

Why: Because you are awesome!

Google Wave to Get App Store, Kill the iPhone?

google_wave_logoGoogle Wave, an instantaneous/asychronous communication app (Okay, it’s IM+email) has been in beta testing for nearly a month. In that time, we’ve seen a couple “apps” developed for it (although they were really just stripped down browsers that helped Wave to run a little faster).

But these pseudo apps were so well received, apparently, that Google is ready to talk about an app store for Google Wave at the Google Wave Google Technology User Group in London yesterday. What kind of apps would they add to email+IM? Says TheNextWeb:

Already, independent software developers have built and tested Wave applications that handle such tasks as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and multiplayer gaming, but while the Apple App Store sells software only for the iPhone and Touch, a Wave marketplace could stock in-Wave applications, along with desktop applications, browser extensions and a world of devices, from laptops, phones, tablets and more with built in Wave support.

Google Voice Goes Mobile

My favorite Google Voice feature is the ability to have all voicemails transcribed and emailed to me. I can then read the text–transcribed with about 80% accuracy–or listen to the actual audio. It saves a lot of time and comes in handy when I’m on the road.

That cool feature is now available on my cell phone, thanks to a new Google Voice feature.

In fact, if you don’t have a Google Voice number yet, you can go ahead and use your existing mobile phone number–which gives you the benefits of keeping your existing number and the use of Google Voice’s features. Except, you don’t get all of the great features, as the chart below explains:

Why iCrossing is to Search Share as Viagra is to Sexual Intercourse

Imagine for a second that I’m a doctor.

Now imagine that I specialize in…ahem…erectile disfunction.

Let’s say the average married couple has sexual intercourse 3-4 times a month–backed-up by most national surveys.

But, I conduct a survey among my viagra-popping patients, and release a report that suggests married couples are in fact having sex 8-10 times a month.

Would you throw out the other data? Or, would you piece this together and say, "wait a minute, of course you’re seeing a higher number?"

Well, that’s the observation I made when reviewing iCrossing’s new study that suggests Google accounts for almost 77% of search engine visitors–compared to the 65% and 71% suggested by comScore and Hitwise respectively.

Sweet! Tweet Delete Complete

twitter-birdHave you ever put together that questionable 140 character outburst or ‘observation’ and then experienced ‘tweeter’s remorse’ when you sent the poorly designed nugget of wisdom? It’s like that e-mail you didn’t want to hit send on (those really suck though because in most cases you have no recourse other than to start putting together an apology / explanation immediately). At least with Twitter you have always had the opportunity to ‘delete the tweet’ but Twitter had an annoying little habit of keeping that nasty little bugger in their search index. That was at least until recently. TechCrunch reported

Now, when you delete a tweet, it will instantaneously be removed from Twitter’s search index as well. We’ve tested it out this morning, and it is in fact the case. Even better, those tweets are also removed from the search API. We’ve tested several third party apps, and none contain the tweets that I deleted.

Google Rolling Out Social Search (in Labs)

There are two brass rings in search these days: real time and social. Google (and Bing) have been working on the real time thing with Twitter, and last week Google announced they were working on a Social Search option in Labs—and now it’s out.

With Social Search, Google finds relevant public content from your friends and contacts and highlights it for you at the bottom of your search results. When I do a simple query for [new york], Google Social Search includes my friend’s blog on the results page under the heading “Results from people in your social circle for New York.” I can also filter my results to see only content from my social circle by clicking “Show options” on the results page and clicking “Social.”

Bye Bye, Beacon

Facebook IconAs announced last month, Facebook is finally ending its unpopular advertising program, Beacon, through a court settlement. The class action lawsuit settlement only needed judicial approval to make it final. And last week we they got that preliminary approval. Once the deal is good and done, Facebook will officially end Beacon, and pay $9.5M in damages, according to Read Write Web.

Two-thirds of the fine would go toward setting up a non-profit foundation for therapy for people who had surprises ruined by Beacon “projects and initiatives that promote the cause of online privacy, safety and security.” The remaining $3+ M would go to the 19 plaintiffs, who could expect anywhere from $1000 to $15,000 a piece, according to MediaPost, and their lawyers (who could expect $2.7M or more). Hm. Once again, cui bono?