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Search Mag Glass GoldWhile talk swirls around Twitter on subjects ranging from video to revenue to biz plans and Biz’s plans, there is one that keeps coming up because it is pretty important. How do you search Twitter and mine it for the nuggets of wisdom amongst the wasteland of wackiness?

Last week we told you about the unholy alliance talks that Twitter was supposedly having with Microsoft and Google separately regarding the tsunami of 140 character pearls of wisdom that need to be gathered, catalogued and organized so the world can be a better place because of it. It really is the piece of the puzzle that everyone seems to be most interested in so we’re just waiting for Twitter to figure out how to best monetize it.

In the meantime there will be more ‘little start-ups that could’ like this one reported by TechCrunch, Searchtastic. Now, before I move on I have to say that this is an unfortunate choice for a company name because it will not be mentioned around MP without a smirk due to the use of another word, but I digress.

Like other Twitter search sites, Searchtastic lets you search Tweets for a particular keyword or hashtag. What makes the search engine interesting is the ability to pull up Tweets from weeks or months ago, which Twitter’s own search engine doesn’t allow you to do. Twitter’s search currently lets you see Tweets from a week and a half back which varies.

So the obvious question is “What are these guys doing that Twitter can’t seem to do on its own?” The other question that arises for me after searching for my own tweets is why am I wasting people’s time with my own version of what I feel is important? I need to listen to my own advice and make sure that when I tweet it’s neat and not well …. lame. My apologies to anyone subjected to it. I promise to get better ;-).

As for the service, it looks interesting but needs some work. Heck, that can be said about a lot of things on the Internet, right? One recommendation to the Searchtastic crew is to at least put the total number of tweets you produce in a search result set.

So check it out along with other players like Collecta, Scoopler, One Riot and TwitterTroll and discover all of the fun you have missed on Twitter.