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While this UPS sponsored video at Mashable is slick, I’m scratching my head over it.

Aside from the fact that it’s extremely basic–which is probably UPS’s intent–I’m just not making the connection between a courier service and social media.

Can anyone help me out? Why is UPS sponsoring this?

  • Dean

    I think UPS is doing this for the same reason I wore parachute pants in the 80’s – cuz everyone else is doing it and if you don’t you won’t be cool. It’s not until 10 years later do you look back and say “What was I thinking??”. It’s herd mentality Andy.

    As I look at the plethora of Social Media Conferences, Tweet Ups, Webcasts, and whitepapers insisting that every business needs to be immersed in Social media, there is one element missing. The guy in the room who says “WHY???” Until that guy is given a voice we’ll continue to follow the pied piper.

    Note to UPS: Just deliver my packages on time. I don’t need Social Media lessons from you.

    Disclaimer: Parachute pants veteran who also sported the Flock of Seagulls haircut and owned a pet rock.

    • That’s the impression I’m left with too. (That UPS jumped on the bandwagon, not that you were a parachute pants kind of guy) 😉

  • You guys are missing the point. You need to burn this video to a disc then have UPS deliver the disc to your network. This will give you old school street cred because you have proven you still know how to get information around the old fashioned way …. slowly.
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..Is Aimless Meandering Just a Part of Social Media? =-.

  • “I’m just not making the connection between a courier service and social media.”

    Any type of company can use social media, be it a courier company or not. UPS can listen to their constituents, for example, to see where they need to improve, reallocate resources, or whatnot. I’m not sure why there’s skepticism. Every company should be drinking the social media kool-aid! 😉

    If anything, it shows that UPS gets it, but hopefully it also indicates that they’re listening (especially to Dean up there who wants his package to get to him on time).
    .-= Tamar Weinberg´s last blog ..Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn’t Matter =-.

    • Dean

      @ Tamar –

      Your kidding right? So because they do a tired Social Media 101 preso that I have seen a gazillion times over the past year they “get it”??? All they “get” is that someone in their marketing department told them they needed to do a YouTube video on Social Media so people would think they “got it”. Classic herd mentality.

      They also probably know a thing or two about vehicle maintenance but I don’t see them doing any YouTube videos on the importance of oil changes and tire rotation.

      I could go on but I am working on a social media kool-aid anti-venom so I can save the world from itself.

      • Let them start slowly, Dean – it’s a huge pill to swallow and it will take some time for them to do more. But the fact that they are putting a YouTube video up, letting it be shared, letting comments be made shows that they are willing to give up control over the message, albeit with criticism like your follow up and the skepticism of Andy’s reaction. But that’s no matter. When are we going to see DHL or Fedex do this?

        Andy, and just to follow up on your point below, maybe they are teaching it because they are already living these practices. Maybe they’re aggressively taking a stand toward full adoption of social media. I’m not sure where their profiles live online, but hopefully this is part of a greater outreach attempt to use social media for their benefit.

        I guess I prefer to look at it as they’re doing more positive outreach and that this isn’t the only thing they’re doing simply because everyone else is doing it. Hopefully there’s more to it than meets the eye.
        .-= Tamar Weinberg´s last blog ..Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn’t Matter =-.

    • “UPS can listen to their constituents, for example…”

      Sue they can, but why are they sponsoring a video that tells others how to? It has nothing to do with their core business–that’s my point of confusion.

      I’m more inclined to agree with Dean. It seems like UPS sponsored this just because everyone else is talking about social media, rather than thinking through what they were trying to accomplish.

  • I used to work on the UPS media account at The Martin Agency (the folks behind the “What Can Brown Do For You?” campaign) and I was also confused until I checked out the URL at the end. It leads to aggregated business news and conversations across a variety of social media platforms. The Brown-branded portal ( seems to be the payoff for the strategy of providing business leaders with knowledge and tools.

    I will be interested to see if it gets any traction, although I agree that the relationship is very obscure.
    .-= Andrew Miller´s last blog ..Pentagigatweet? =-.

  • They’re just building new visibility in a medium that their competitors have not yet exploited for advertising. It’s basic marketing stuff that goes back over 100 years.
    .-= Michael Martinez´s last blog ..How to qualify SEO cold call suspects =-.

  • While they did a good job presenting the information I was left with a ‘what next’ feeling… Where was my call to action? Should I contact UPS for help? Can UPS even supply me with help? There where a lot of references to other software, services, and devices that UPS does not even support.

    I saw the website at the end, but was not really compelled to go there… Maybe that has some answers but I will never know…

  • It’s the stores! The stores! I was just walking(daily PT) in a Sugar Land, TX mall today and I saw a Coming soon sign for a UPS kiosk in the middle of the mall. As commercial office real estate footprints get downsized and workers telecommute, they still need the copy machine, presentations bound, etc. Upper management can buy national UPS accounts for the Army of virtual employees coming to a major corporation near you.

    Just think if the corporation could shed the real estate, the employees with those pesky health packages by shifting it to the Feds. They could take the corporation offshore to a sunny Caribbean island, make all the employees contract workers and hide the earnings overseas in non-devalued dollars as well.
    .-= Thomas Johnson´s last blog ..$235,000 :: 5530 Cornish St, Houston TX, 77007 =-.

  • I think everybody is missing the point.

    The very first sounds of the video is ‘… is sponsored by UPS’

    This is no different than UPS sponsoring a football game. What is the connection between UPS delivering my package and the Super Bowl?

    UPS public branding is the weird dude and the whiteboard so the folks producing the series probably agreed to further incorporate the UPS brand by doing a mock up of their television advertisements.

    Unless I missed it, at no time does the guy making the presentation pimp UPS.

    UPS, a service primarily targeted at businesses, sponsoring a video targeted at businesses. Seems pretty straight cut to me.
    .-= Charles Dillon´s last blog ..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25 =-.

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