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Whoah! You CAN Make Money With Podcasting…$1.5M or More!

Podcasting just doesn’t make money, right? In fact, if you’re going to start a podcast, you may as well dig out that old Ham radio and talk into static–you’ll make as much money doing so.



Sure, a podcast is not the easiest beast to monetize, but that hasn’t stopped Leo Laporte from raking in $1.5 million in revenue per year–and on track to double each year. His costs are just $350,000, not bad when consider he has 7 employees.

Of course, it helps to have Laporte’s pedigree, but that shouldn’t prevent you from investing in a podcast. If you want to hear advice from Laporte himself, check out the 40 minute presentation below:

Note: If you pay close attention, you’ll hear Laporte say that podcasting is actually “dead” and he offers his thoughts on what’s going to take its place. ;-)

Want the abridged version? Here’s a quick video I took of Leo in 2007, where he explains how he’s able to command such high CPMs from his advertisers.



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