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FinaltimesindiayahooYahoo! Is busy rebranding itself around the world. There is plenty of money being pumped into the effort and apparently some research as to how to grab someone’s attention. In India at least it looks like you need to be on the front page and really bright! Maybe this technique should be considered by the poor newspaper industry here in the United States. I think I would have to at least give some attention to a cover that was this bold. In what appears to be a relatively slow news day we find TechCrunch bringing this ad to our attention.

India’s largest English-language newspaper, the Times of India, has an interesting print edition front page today – a huge yellow advertisement for Yahoo’s It’s You campaign first announced last month.

oldyella J2Now, since I am likely a bit older than some of our readers this kind of use of yellow brought back fond memories of advertising era long gone. It was time of the Sugar Corn Pops “Big Yella” cowboy (the yella means yellow for those who cannot detect a Texas drawl). He had a ‘Big yella car!’ and a ‘Big yella house!’ and a ‘Big yella dog!’ and then ….drum roll please……. A ‘Big yella cereal!’. He was fun.

So I guess that this big yella ad makes Yahoo! fun as well for the English language sector of India. Yahoo! already has 25 of the 34 million online Indians as customers according to comScore in Aug ’09.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington sums it up well

What does the ad mean? Who cares. It’s big and yellow. Yahoo has said it hopes to follow up on the ads by personalizing the Yahoo experience for each user.

So there you are folks. Apparently being big and yellow is the best way to promote you are going purple.