Social Networks – More ‘She Said’ Than ‘He Said’

He Said She SaidWe are all aware that social networks, social marketing, social media and just plan old being social are the new wave regarding the Internet and its magical powers to make the world a better place for all. As we move further along in the life cycle of this still relatively new phenomenon (OK, all of you folks who have ‘been doing this for years’ can huff and puff at this point) there will be more opportunity to slice and dice the nature of the social network and the networkers that inhabit them. The folks over at Pingdom have taken a stab at looking at the gender breakdown of this group and found that women rule. Kinda.

  • 84% (16 out of 19) of the sites have more female than male users.

Does Bing’s Trending Search Terms List Reveal Its Weakness?

When I first perused Bing’s top trending search terms of 2009, I started to scratch my head.

Take a look at the list:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Twitter
  3. Swine Flu
  4. Stock Market
  5. Farrah Fawcett
  6. Patrick Swayze
  7. Cash for Clunkers
  8. Jon and Kate Gosselin
  9. Billy Mays
  10. Jaycee Dugard

Where was “iPhone” “Obama” or “Twilight?” As a nation, do we really have an unhealthy fascination with learning everything we can about deceased personalities?

Then I remembered this:

Around 45% of all searches to Bing originate from


Online Spending Up Year Over Year for Black Friday

Black FridayLet’s face it this holiday season is a pivotal one for all of us from a macro point of view. While many retailers will be focused on their individual bottom lines it will be important to look at how this whole ‘first weekend’ of the holiday shopping season plays out from start to finish with the latest entry, Cyber Monday, happening as you read this.

First the good news. Online sales for Black Friday were up 11% over last year according to comScore and the rest of November was an improvement over the prior year. Let’s remember, though, that last year’s holiday season was on the heels of “Bailout 1” and waiting for a new president to be inaugurated. In other words, last year sucked so any improvement over those numbers needs to be tempered.

Tiger Woods Crashing a $1 Billion Reputation With His Silence?

In the absence of an official statement, your stakeholders will fill the void with rumor and speculation.

I’ve preached that enough times, you’d think that even Tiger Woods would have heard about it.

Apparently not:

Which is leading to this:

With rumors like that, you’d think that Woods would be grabbing the nearest TV camera and setting the record straight. Now, you might argue that Woods deserves his privacy–just like any other individual. The problem is, Tiger Woods is not just a person, he’s a $1 billion brand.

Yes, a brand.

Look, I’m not denying his right to privacy, but if he wants to continue being the face of Nike, Buick, Accenture, and such, he needs to come forward pretty soon and put the gossipers in their place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrim bearing gifts
To all Marketing Pilgrims, we hope you have a restful, thankful, and blessed Thanksgiving.

We’ll see you back here on Monday!

These Are NOT Your Grandfather’s Google Search Ads

google-logo1News flash! Google makes a lot of cash on paid search ads. Phew. I couldn’t keep that ‘news’ in any longer. We are so used to that element of Google and the online space that it is really just viewed as a fact of life and not much else thought is given to it unless you are a PPC ‘guru’ (fyi – if you actually use that terminology to describe yourself (others doing it TO you doesn’t count) just know that people laugh at you behind your back). You buy the ads, people click on them and then you try to figure out if they bought something as a result.

Options for Newspapers in the New Media World Order

Newspapers CollageI have spent a considerable amount of time in the past year watching the decline and fall of the newspaper empire. At times I have had a ‘you get what you pay for’ take on the situation while at others I find it sad that an important industry is in a rapid downward spiral. Now add to the mix the musings / rantings of Rupert Murdoch and his thought that he can revive his industry through his proposed tactics and you are close to a three ring circus with all clowns and no ringmaster.