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AdSense publishers, I have some startling news for you:

Some of the ads displayed on your site are not that contextually relevant!

I know some of you are now saying, “well, duh!” but even Google is starting to admit that it’s showing some ads–when perhaps it shouldn’t.

OK, so Google didn’t actually admit that–at least not explicitly. It did, however, start testing a new “Featured Ad” format that will highlight AdSense ads that are more relevant than others.

Here’s an example:

A pretty little star, and a “Featured Ad” rollover is being tested on a small batch of AdSense ads. According to Google:

We are currently running a limited test in which a small number of users are seeing ads that are marked based on signals related to quality and relevance. This experiment is part of our ongoing efforts to help users find what they’re looking for, and we’re closely monitoring feedback.

Methinks that this is less about rewarding quality ads and more about increasing click-throughs with a stronger call-out. 😉

  • Just a piece of advise. I f you know exactly how to fully optimize effectively your adsense, then go for it. But if you’re just making 2 figure in a month, affiliate marketing awaits you. I’m not saying that affiliate business is more superior to adsense. I’m just showing the possibility. It’s just a matter of making it perfect actually.
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  • Hope adsense will get more success from this new format. But I think they already have enough formats for publishers.

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  • For sites that cover a lot of topics it’s hard to always get relevant ads. I’ve found that I’ve had to block some advertisers from my network because they’re just doing broad keyword matches. Boo! Hiss! Google. Please keep the low-quality advertisers off the content network, thank you.

    Still, it’s good to have enough content about a topic that advertisers want reach for so that the contextual advertising tools can be more certain about what is appropriate. I find I get better ads and conversions on multipage sections (in their own folders/directories) than on random, scattered articles.

    Other people’s experiences may differ.
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