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Google CrownI think every single one of us could share a frustrating online shopping experience, especially one about trying to find a product you know a retailer offers, but doesn’t show up in their search results. Google wants to make it easier for all of us with their new enterprise offering, Google Commerce Search.

To participate, you submit all your data to Google Merchant Center and Google Product Search (via data feeds, direct uploads or the API), and then customize the look and feel of your search engine with Google. Although Google doesn’t mention this in the documentation, I can only assume you have to do something to incorporate the Commerce Search into your site (probably replacing your old search engine). (Oh, and PS, it starts at $50k/yr.)

And, now, isn’t that awfully handy? Just in time for the holidays, Google has come out with a solution for you that entails you adding your entire inventory to Google Product Search. They warn us that, on average, a user takes 8 seconds to decide whether to stay on a site (although several other studies have shown that people judge sites in less than a second). If we don’t have our products indexed with Google, in those eight seconds, we’ll lose all our potential customers!

Wait, why, again?

(To be realistic, this isn’t even close to being “in time for the holidays.” That would have probably been in June so they could get past the ramp up stage.)

And once again, for the visual learners:

Obviously, I’m all for better usability on eCommerce sites. But somehow, I don’t think Google really has us in mind as they rolled this out.

What do you think? Is this something Google is doing out of the goodness of their hearts, or out of interest for the bottom line?

  • Ha! Love the title of the article! Because all your base are belong to us!
    .-= John Elder – the seoFool!´s last blog ..How Google Handles Parked Domains For SEO =-.

  • Alex P.

    I wonder if this announcement has anything to do with the current events of Google Merchant Center (Product Search, Base, Froogle, etc). Over the past month or so, merchants have noticed that for pretty much any product you search for the results come up with big-box retailers only. There are Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc results coming up. There is even a specific thread on this in the Help section on Google and a lot of smaller retailers and small ecommerce sites that are really upset that they are getting pushed out.

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