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So, ever since I came back from Vegas, I have had a pretty bad head cold. But, I have been diligently applying my favorite remedy: Watching mindless YouTube videos! Seriously, it makes me feel better. I am not sure why, but I am sticking to it! One thing I have noticed is that the most popular videos have at least one of two things; authentic, original content, or very well polished and produced material. Basically, if the video has authentic, original content then it doesn’t really matter if it’s “put together” well, because the content alone will sell it. However, if you are trying to replicate something someone has already done, then you need to do it better than them, make sure that your presentation is polished and your delivery is spot on.

Which brings us to the video above. Here we see employees at a Microsoft store dancing to Chris Brown’s “Forever” Black Eyed Peas. This is an obvious attempt to ride on the popular Wedding Entrance meme that started this summer. Unfortunately, the content of this video isn’t authentic or original and it was put together pretty poorly. I mean, take a look at those buffoons! Their own customers are trying hard to ignore how awkward they look. This is the type of video I would normally find at failblog. So instead of creating a viral video that helps promote their brand, the only attention they get is snarky bloggers (like me) making fun of them!

This same lesson can be applied outside of viral video. Take for example MySpace and Facebook. For a long time MySpace was the only mainstream social network. Because they had an original concept they didn’t have to worry about having a polished interface and enforcing tight security standards, and they didn’t. As a result, Facebook gained massive popularity over MySpace because they offered everything MySpace did plus a clean interface and a barrage of privacy options.

So, to sum things up: When developing a product or a new idea ask your self, is this original? If the answer is no, then spend as much time on presentation and working out the kinks as possible.

  • Dude!

    This is the most pitifully staged nonsense! the only “customers” into it are either shills, or have no life. The rest are just trying to decide what they may want to consider buying, but are totally distracted by the cheese-whiz dancing. LOL.
    .-= Alan Bleiweiss´s last blog ..Google Home Page On Crack – The Bigger Picture =-.

  • hmmm not sure who i feel more sorry for… the employees or the customers
    .-= tski´s last blog ..A picture mouse mat from your photo collection =-.

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  • Leftfield

    I didn’t saw buffoons. Girl in green shirt got all my attention 🙂 😀

  • Hey Andy, the song isn’t “Forever” from Chris Brown, is “I got a feeling” from Black Eyed Peas. And they should hire some extras for this first….

    • You are right. I think Joe is just a big Chris Brown fan! 😉

      • Oh Busted! Your right I am a huge Chris Brown fan! My bad!

      • Oh sorry, I didn’t saw that the author was Joe. I’ll send you a Chris Brown t-shirt for this christmas 😛
        .-= Martín Aberastegue´s last blog ..Leido por ahi (III) =-.

  • The customers in the store should have been presented with a security warning:

    “Some lame employees are about to start dancing: Allow/Disallow”


  • Two stars for this video is pretty high. Looks like an attempt by higher management to tackle the MOOBS (MAN BOOBS) problem growing in Microsoft.

    Will this be a daily feature??? lol

  • Oh my… This is bad….

  • Yeah, all I saw was the girl in the green shirt, who says geeks aren’t sexy?
    .-= youfoundjake´s last blog ..Google to Reward Faster Sites =-.

  • so i agree, this is dumb and a blatant rip off, and i am embarassed watching it…i also think the chris brown stunt was equally dumb, but more original i guess….however… reminds me of the old adage:

    “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    look how many people are calling attention to this…make fun of it all you want…the best thing would have been to ignore it all together

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  • You have got to be kidding me.

    Skip to the end of the vid to see the Double High Five Hand Slap like they really did something good.

    What are they are gonna do next week? The Locomotion?

    Shouldn’t cute and kitschy be left to the companies with the brands that are cute and kitschy?

    This was an embarrassment for Microsoft.

  • We can just skip whatever we think it doesn’t look good. We don’t want to become idiot, do we?

  • at 2:15 you see the girl in white shoplifting.

    Video totally fails.

  • Dean

    Dear Microsoft – In future leave your “spontaneous” antics to the pros at But congrats on annoying the few customers in the store that were, like, trying to buy stuff but couldn’t get help for 4:44 cuz you were too busy doing something idiotic.

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  • I really appreciate this, thanks for the great share!