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Generic ChartInteractive marketing as a whole is a good place to be relative to the rest of the marketing world. Anywhere where the worst numbers show low single digit decreases and the happy numbers are still in the positive teens despite a continued overall economic morass you have to smile at least a little. We need to, however, remember that the overall interactive marketing is doing fine it is still like any other market. That means, simply, that some industries are going to be much better off in the interactive space than others. It is not a silver bullet for everyone.

Forrester is starting a series of reports that tell just how particular industries are utilizing the interactive marketing environment. The first is called “US Interactive Marketing Forecast by Industry, 2009-2014″. It is interesting to see how some of the verticals are using the medium in its various forms and what lessons can be potentially learned.

Foreester 2009-2014 Interactive JPEG 2

Not surprisingly it’s the retail and financial sectors that account for nearly 1/ 3 of the interactive spend and that trend is likely to continue through 2014. What is interesting is that their overall marketing budgets still hold room for their growth to be significant. I wonder when other industries will find that they are completely under utilizing the Internet channel and will take more of their traditional spend online?

Our readers are knee deep in this stuff every day. Do you see any verticals / industries that may be missing the boat to this point? Where are there spots in the B2B and B2C world that will be hot growth areas for the next five years for interactive marketing. C’mon now. Don’t think you have some big secret that you can’t share. Remember that 99.999 % of the people that hear your ‘great idea’ probably couldn’t even begin to figure out how to execute it so don’t hold back.

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  • The distribution is interesting, but what do the actual numbers represent? A lot of in category marketers spend more than what is presented here as the category total.

  • Maybe I’m just stupid, but this graph doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Ad spends in every one of those categories is much, much higher than portrayed. I’d believe if the graph was in billions, but not millions. Is this on a per-firm basis or something?

  • I concur. These figures must be wrong, based on my client management experience.

    I would also like to see health services represented here. And perhaps Insurance broken out of the Financial segment.

    If categories including both B2B and B2C could be broken down it would be even more telling.
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  • Forrester’s rational is that it wanted to look at both independent and holding … list of interactive agencies, defines the segment differently..