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Google first announced is Chrome operating system in July. Open source and targeted at netbooks, the OS could launch within a week, according to TechCrunch.

Although TechCrunch reports that Chrome will probably only be available for certain targeted netbooks in the coming launch, it may not be ready for even that. In its original, official announcement, Google said it would open source its code later in 2009, with devices coming to market in the second half of 2010.

Despite TechCrunch’s reliable anonymous source, this rumor may be more speculation and confusion than drastically moving up the launch timeline. Launching the OS to the open source community—part of the planned development process anyway—has always been part of the plan. And recently, some netbooks (such as one from Acer) have already come to market with a Google operating systemAndroid, the Google mobile OS that’s slowly taking on the smartphone arena.

Google Chrome will be better suited to a full-sized computer than Android is, however. Google wants their lightweight OS to be able to start quickly with a minimal user interface.

If you’re really that eager for Chrome, PC World reminds us that a developer build is already ready. But remember, even if Google launches the source code next week, can we say compiler?

Meanwhile, Google is also premiering a new programming language this week. “Go” is touted as dynamic as Python and safe as C++. Any coincidence that it comes out this week?

What do you think? Will Chrome be ready to ship in the next week? Or will we see open source files launched?

  • Another OS coming down the line. how many people will be savvy enough to install it and use it?

    And how many people actually want a netbook? With laptops getting smaller and cheaper. will the population want what is basically a crippled laptop?

    Look at this article from May. of this year 30% of all netbooks sold were returned.

    While the Chrome OS *may* come out next week (cough, linkbait, cough), it will be quite sometime before Google releases a true notebook OS.

  • Awesome! Google is for sure in a great position to start doing things like this and they are really pushing forward with many projects. In face I am using Google Chrome browser right now as firefox seems to have gone down the toilet in the last few months.

    Open source stuff like this will catch on because this time there is a big name behind it unlike red hat.

  • Google wants to stay in number one. That’s why Google developers have to continue making it comfortable for many users. It is good that the users can use the facilities to make them work better.

  • microsoft’s share of the pie is getting smaller and smaller. lol!
    .-= news headlines´s last blog ..Northwest Vista =-.

  • Think Chrome and Google’s delve into the OS space is definitely going to shake things up in the biz in a big way. Will be interesting to see what pressures this ultimately places on Microsoft’s business model.