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OK, you’re either going to love this new Google search feature, or think it’s the ugliest thing since, I don’t know, the last ugly thing you hated! šŸ˜‰


Here we go:

Yes, Google is revolutionizing search with the addition of "Page previews" to your advanced search options.

Wait! This just in.

I’ve been reporting on this type of technology for almost 6 years now? Oh yeah, that’s right.

Anyway, if you really can’t be bothered to click-through and see if a site is right for you, you can enable the not-so-new preview option.


  • searchengineman

    Only an engineer could come up with something this ugly. I think there is a more elegant way they could have done this. My guess is the decision is a technical reason, so the maximum amount of users can see the same results with out Java, Ajax etc..

  • Jaan Kanellis

    Truthfully? It looks gross. I thought Google UI research would be better than this.
    .-= Jaan KanellisĀ“s last blog ..Google Analytics More Powerful, Flexible And Intelligentā€¦BUT WHEN? =-.

  • David Walker

    Does Google’s new search feature make any difference? Better searching experience or more confusion?
    .-= David WalkerĀ“s last blog ..Positioning Yourself as an Expert =-.

  • Michael Martinez

    We can now official diagnose Google with Microsoft Syndrome. They are leaders in innovation because they follow everyone else’s footsteps and claim to be innovators.

    Google was the third search engine to introduce Blended/Universal Search — but most people are not aware of that. A9 was the first to do it.
    .-= Michael MartinezĀ“s last blog ..Using Blogger for SEO =-.

  • Paulo Diaz

    I might be interested to see if they apply the same “new technology” to the sponsor links in order to avoid useless clicks and click fraud………but that might sound like shooting yourself on the foot since now they cannot charge for all the waste so users can preview the ads first……..uhmmmm

  • new year

    very good!!!

  • Saima Farooque

    Very nice post !!

  • Tony Murphy

    The Fast Food Web Approaches At Blinding Speed…

    Thanks for the tip-off!