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As I mentioned yesterday, I love Bing’s shopping engine. In no small part because I can earn some serious cashback. As long as I make sure I’m getting the lowest price in the first place, the cashback makes it worth using Bing.

So, Google Product Search can wave all the new fancy features in front of me that it wants, if I ain’t getting a kickback, I ain’t using Google!

OK, maybe some of you aren’t quite so price conscious as me. Maybe for you, shopping is more about the journey, than the destination. If that’s the case, you’re going to love the scenery Google just added.

First, we have a new gallery view:

We also have new review summaries:

Nearby stores:

Video product reviews and a mobile friendly interface complete the list of new features.

But, what it doesn’t have is this:

And, until it does, I’m sticking with Bing!

Note: This is not a paid post, but someone, somewhere at Microsoft PR just got a raise. 😉

  • I found this post extremely interesting. Maybe I am living under a rock, but I did not even realize that the Bing shopping engine offered cash back. What a great feature, especially around the Holidays. I must agree that Google does a nice job of displaying their products. Seeing the product images, offering nearby stores and the getting the honest reviews is great. I will have to try both of these out, but I will definitely take your word on the cash back!

  • What a good information! The shoppers always look for either the discounts or the cash back. Both of them make people happy in shopping. This is really needed especially during the economic crisis.

  • I think i may have just been converted to Bing for shopping experiences – I’ll have to see whether or not this lovely cashback feature applies in the UK first I guess, but it does sound good.

    I mean, Google’s features look pretty, but if the bottom line is better at Bing, prettiness is suddenly a much smaller factor imo.
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