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Online ads might be working well for news sites, but YouTube is always looking for a bigger piece of the online video advertising pie. As of today, Google is testing skippable ads on YouTube, as part of its ongoing search for the “right” way to monetize the most popular video site on the web.

The test will run with videos from content partners who have opted in to the program. The preroll ads will feature a link to skip through the ad and go straight to the video content.

MediaPost says that this test will provide Google with a demographic break down of their audience for high quality ads:

The test that determines if and when people watch the video clips will provide Google with insight into the type of person who may skip an ad, what type of ad they might skip, and what piece of content does better than another. Google also will look at whether some ads are skipped in a specific portion of the session. Does the person skip the ad in the first video versus the third during a 30-minute time slot while on YouTube?

This information could be assembled into another ad method: “The model is cost per engagement, where advertisers would only pay for opt-in engaged views of the ads.” Phil Farhi, product manager at Google’s YouTube, mentions that the promoted videos model is another example in this area, and in the future, there could be a model where advertisers only pay for complete plays of their ads.

They’re also comparing TV ads vs. video ads created specifically for online audiences. Generally, television ads take 30 seconds to make sure viewers get the message, image and contact/purchase information (call to action). Online, the call to action can run along side the video, in accompanying text that remains after the ad is over, they can use direct links or other methods.

What do you think? Will you skip ads on YouTube? Could this finally be the way to monetize YouTube?

  • I don’t see this as an immediate way to do anything other than make users feel a bit better about the ads because they can skip them. However, in the long run, this could be an elegant way to collect data about what ads are more effective and tolerable and encourage advertisers to tailer their ads accordingly.

  • the only thing i don’t really get is why put add there if it can be skipped any way? i know the logic is well some may not skip or its just good to have the brand name out their in peoples face but… i don’t know. i guess they know better since they are the big money makers any how.
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  • Well YouTube is up to those old tricks again. They are trying to find out how they can get more dollar from more views. I think the I idea is somewhat kind of ignoring to the average YouTube surfer. Even though I’m not an partner yet of YouTube, I still this think Idea is an good one.

    When It come to continuing to have free video uploads with zero expense, then it’s all good with me for more advertisement. I hope they can get this down to science and up and running full strength

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  • Google definitely knows what marketing is about. To stay ahead as the market leaders in online advertising they just need to know what works best. Their testing of the skippable ads on YouTube is just a marketing research to do things better. Give what the market wants and then the market will give you what you want!
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  • people who host their video in youtube must consider what google going to do with you tube, especially for those who do not want ads appear in their videos.