Posted November 4, 2009 9:02 am by with 9 comments

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Earlier today, we posted news of the redesign.

Actually, we posted it a little too early.

Despite my almost obsessive-compulsive checking of the post publication time and making sure my WordPress settings showed the correct time, the post published one hour before it should have.

Unfortunately, I was already tucked-up in bed by 11pm, so didn’t know about it until this morning.

It was a complete accident and I’m still scratching my head as to how the heck it happened. That really doesn’t matter much though, because the blame stops with me–regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

So, Microsoft, the MSN Team, Scott Trepanier (and team) my sincere apologies. Safe to say, I’m sending myself to embargo rehabilitation therapy and won’t be getting any desert the next time I go to the cheesecake factory!


PS. RackSpace has confirmed that the server time is correctly set. If you have a suggestion as to what it could be, please let me know. To recap; WordPress and server times are correct.