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Welcome MatIn an admittedly slow news day it is noteworthy to tell you that earlier in the week Google made a strategic hire if for no other reason than the hire was just at Microsoft less than two weeks ago.

Don Dodge was Microsoft’s “Ambassador to Start Ups” according to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch. We say ‘was’ because Dodge was laid off by Microsoft earlier this month. Check out Arrington’s interview with Dodge here. I honestly didn’t think that people at this level or with this title got ‘laid off’. I thought that was reserved for the rank and file folks and the sales team. Guess you learn something new every day, right?

Back to the story. Dodge didn’t need to spend much time figuring out what to do next because Google saw the opportunity and swooped in. You gotta figure that there was no real ‘job opening’ available but when you sit on a pile of cash and you see a ‘name brand’ available why not make a spot for them?

TechCrunch continues

He’ll be working for another ex-Microsofter, Vic Gundotra. Gundotra worked 15 years at Microsoft as General Manager of Microsoft’s developer outreach efforts. He joined Google in 2007 as VP Engineering, responsible for mobile applications and developer evangelism.

Well, for you young folks out there here’s a lesson in making sure you are building a strong reputation and personal brand. In this world, those who can do that won’t be unemployed for long. At least, it’s a nice theory.

Anyway, hope you don’t have to figure out what’s next today!