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New Google AdSense Interface Will Tell You Precisely How Much You Suck

You know that $3.40 you make in Google AdSense each month? Well, Google is about to make it a lot easier to see just how badly your blog sucks at using AdSense. :-P

A new AdSense interface design will start rolling to users over the coming weeks:

For those of you making more than enough AdSense revenue to buy a Big Mac, you’ll enjoy these enhanced features:

  • Detailed metrics including the amount you’ve earned from various ad, targeting and bid types
  • More options to manage the ads that appear on your site
  • Simplify common tasks, such as making a change to several ad units simultaneously
  • More help options, tips, and alerts

Google will start rolling out the beta in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese today. Don’t go stampeding to your AdSense account, looking for the update. Google will email you, if you’re one of the lucky ones chosen for the beta.

Aside: I wonder if this new interface is designed to prevent the mass migration away from AdSense by bloggers?