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openxOpenX has long been angling for Google‘s online ad dominance. And after a new multi-year deal with Microsoft, announced this morning, they’ll have an even bigger ally in the fight. The partnership has been in trials for over a year, but is now official.

Explains TechCrunch:

Under the agreement, Pasadena-based OpenX becomes a preferred partner to publishers for enterprise ad serving solutions and has agreed to promote Microsoft’s Content Ads monetization products and eventual future products to its own roster of web publisher customers.

OpenX said that publishers usings its recently launched OpenX Market and Ad Server products will be able to use MS’s Content Ads, and that the Redmond software giant will refer potential customers to OpenX.

adcenter-microsoftOpenX Market and Ad Server compete with Google’s Ad Manager product. Display is obviously not Google’s bread and butter (though every little bit helps), and it is OpenX’s.

Interestingly, after last year’s acquisitions, OpenX’s advertising services compete not only with Google’s DoubleClick but also Microsoft’s aQuantive. Perhaps Microsoft doesn’t see them as quite enough of a threat to their advertising business—or perhaps they just want market share so badly that they’re willing to foster internal competition.

What do you think? Will OpenX and Microsoft be able to take on Google?

  • OpenX and Microsoft can’t take on Google… OpenX has such brutal customer service and support… and half the time their product isn’t even working properly. To be honest, I’m surprised Microsoft even wants anything to do with OpenX. Check their support forums for proof… it’s brutal. OpenX used to be the open source phpAdsnew, but they’ve totally ruined an awesome project.

  • I think we should be supporting OpenX, I have used it on a few sites recently without any problems..

    • Why do you think we should be supporting OpenX?