Yahoo Search Experiments with Real Time Offering

yahoo-logoIt looks like Yahoo isn’t going to be left behind in the real time search race that was kicked off last month as bing and Google both announced deals with Twitter. As we saw last week, Yahoo is partnering with OneRiot for real time results. I’m glad that they are throwing their hat in the ring actually. Why? Well, I actually needed the reminder that Yahoo! is still a standalone search engine. While I have never used Yahoo search personally other than to gather up prospecting data I keep forgetting that the marriage of bing and Yahoo is still off on the horizon. Until then all we can do is combine their numbers with bing to see if there will be any impact at all felt by Google when the dust settles on the bingahoo deal-ahoo.

Twitter Ahora Habla Español!

Let’s hope this post doesn’t mess too much with Google’s head–I don’t want Marketing Pilgrim marked as a Spanish language site.

Anyway, for all of our Spanish speaking readers, we have good news from Twitter!

A principios de mes invitamos a algunos voluntarios a traducir Twitter en más idiomas. Gracias a estos entusiastas voluntarios hispanoparlantes, Twitter está ahora oficialmente disponible en español. Puedes cambiar el idioma en la Configuración o visitar y cambiar la configuración del idioma en el la opción situada en la esquina inferior derecha.

Feliz tweeting!

Use a Domain Privacy Service? There’s a Prison Sentence for That!

You know that domain name that you don’t want anyone to know that you own? The one that you’re either testing out some SEO stuff that’s in the "gray hat" area? The one you don’t want your competitors to know that you own? The one you’ve been considering for sending spam emails?

Yeah, that one.

Well, the Ninth Circuit court of appeals just ruled that using any kind of domain privacy service could get you into legal trouble:

I’m Sorry MSN

Earlier today, we posted news of the redesign.

Actually, we posted it a little too early.

Despite my almost obsessive-compulsive checking of the post publication time and making sure my WordPress settings showed the correct time, the post published one hour before it should have.

Unfortunately, I was already tucked-up in bed by 11pm, so didn’t know about it until this morning.

It was a complete accident and I’m still scratching my head as to how the heck it happened. That really doesn’t matter much though, because the blame stops with me–regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

So, Microsoft, the MSN Team, Scott Trepanier (and team) my sincere apologies. Safe to say, I’m sending myself to embargo rehabilitation therapy and won’t be getting any desert the next time I go to the cheesecake factory!

Don’t Stick a Fork in All Traditional Media – It Ain’t Done Yet

BusinessWeek MagsWe could spend all day every day telling you about the latest and greatest flame out in the traditional media world. Every day a newspaper or magazine or some other bastion of the “old world media order” goes away but that gets kind of old. I would even go so far as to say that we on the online side of the world have gotten a little cocky and maybe receive a little too much joy from the tumble of the old media outlets. As a result it is possible that we clump all of these properties together and make a broad (and likely incorrect) assumption that eventually there will be no room at all for the traditional delivery of newspapers and magazines because everyone and everything will be online only.

The New Less Links, More Social

MSN LogoI tried really hard to figure out how to “fluff-up” this announcement. After all, Microsoft went to the trouble to pre-brief me, but I just can’t say it any better than I can show it.

So here goes.

MSN is going from this:


To this:


Yes, one of the most popular destinations on the web–600 million monthly users no less–is getting a face-lift. Here are some of the key things to note:

  1. There’s a new MSN logo to go with the redesign.
  2. There are 50% fewer links on the page.
  3. The Bing search box is better integrated, because MSN already drives 45% of searches to Bing–something this design will take further advantage of.
  4. You can view and update Twitter and Facebook.

Local Mobile Search: They’ll Be Watching You

loopt sample mapLocal mobile search is heating up. The powerful combination of GPS location and user input creates a golden opportunity for accurate, local, useful information to break out in a big way. As more and more GPS-enabled smartphones come on the market, more and more search engines and apps want to know just where you are and just what you’re looking for.

The New York Times looks at another new local mobile app entering the marketplace. Although the GPS integration varies among the present offerings, we already have apps from local opinion sites like Yelp and Citysearch doing well in this area, as well as more specialized search engines and apps. Google and Microsoft already have local business listings as well. Is there room for Loopt’s new local-mobile app, Pulse, launching today?