Two Simple Tactics to Improve Your Online Review Scores

In Radically Transparent, we talk about the importance of finding your “centers of influence.” This is particularly true when it comes to online review sites.

Those that are unhappy with your products or services will find their way to an influential review site, without much difficulty. Those that love your service, tend to just accept that you met their expectations and move on–they rarely take the time to leave a review.

So, if you’re facing a poor score on a review site, what should you do? Well, you should follow the lead of photography accessories company Steve Kaeser. I recently ordered some equipment from them and used, because I knew that if I had any problems, there would be a resolution system in place, that I trust.

LA Times Social Media Guidelines Lead to Much More

LA TimesThe LA Times has updated their social media guidelines for their journalists and there is the usual ruckus about everyone being too restrictive. Originally written in March of this year the update makes sense since the 8 months or so that have passed since the first take is like a lifetime in the social media world. In fact, the real story here may be that the LA Times hasn’t taken a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to their social media guidelines so please take note everybody.

Ich bin ein Googler!

GA ShotAt one point in time US President John F. Kennedy triumphantly declared “Ich bin ein Berliner!” in a speech to the German people. Now the debate rages on as to whether the president proclaimed he was a Berlin citizen or a donut but that’s for another blog. Today though we learn from TechCrunch Europe that Eric Schmidt from Google may need to head to Deutschland to proclaim that he is one of the good guys as there are calls to ban Google Analytics from sites with a .de extension.

Several federal and regional government officials in Germany are trying to put a ban on Google Analytics, the search giant’s free software product that allows website owners and publishers to get detailed statistics about the number, whereabouts and search behavior of their visitors (and much more).

Google Product Search: Give Me Cashback or Give Me Death!

As I mentioned yesterday, I love Bing’s shopping engine. In no small part because I can earn some serious cashback. As long as I make sure I’m getting the lowest price in the first place, the cashback makes it worth using Bing.

So, Google Product Search can wave all the new fancy features in front of me that it wants, if I ain’t getting a kickback, I ain’t using Google!

OK, maybe some of you aren’t quite so price conscious as me. Maybe for you, shopping is more about the journey, than the destination. If that’s the case, you’re going to love the scenery Google just added.

First, we have a new gallery view:

We also have new review summaries:

Nearby stores:

Twitter, IPO and Advertising

Twitter Bird GoofyBiz Stone, Twitter co-founder of Twitter was holding court for reporters in the UK and started to talk about all the things that Twitter followers obsess over including the big one: revenue.

Stone said that an IPO is not OOTQ (out of the question) but it’s also not on the front burner. In fact, he said something that is the truth but comes off a little strange (possibly arrogant?) considering how most of the rest of the planet is struggling. Reuters reports

Twitter, the social internet firm that tracks trends through individuals’ updates of events around them, may eventually go to the stock market for funding if necessary, its co-founder Biz Stone said.


I wanted to put the new rendering of the once iconic brand of America Online (AOL) as the headline just to see how it looks. It looks….weird. Below are some of the pictures from All Things Digital of how this new look will happen for the Aol. once it is officially cast overboard by the Time Warner mother ship. OK, so thrown overboard is bit harsh. How about pushed out the door with a resounding “Don’t let the door hit ya in the a#$ on the way out”?


My thoughts on the logo? I don’t get it. Why do you now go lower case with a period? I suppose it’s to help you see the new AOL (sorry Aol. or do I have to wait for the cord to be cut? I’m confused.) Fortunately, Aol. Ceo.Tim Armstrong will clear it up for us.

Trackur Now Monitors Virtually Everything Important to Your Brand

One of the things that’s been consistent about Trackur’s social media monitoring since launch, is that it tracks around 90%+ of online media. You know, news, blogs, tweets, images, videos, etc.

But, what about that other 10%?

Well, we think we’ve shored that up, with the new option to submit your own RSS feed to Trackur.

The new Custom Feeds option lets you upload any valid RSS feed and have Trackur keep a watchful eye on it, for mention of any of the keywords you are tracking.

Here are some example uses:

  • You want to monitor a message board for any mention of your brand? Simply submit its RSS feed to Trackur.