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MSN LogoI tried really hard to figure out how to “fluff-up” this announcement. After all, Microsoft went to the trouble to pre-brief me, but I just can’t say it any better than I can show it.

So here goes.

MSN is going from this:


To this:


Yes, one of the most popular destinations on the web–600 million monthly users no less–is getting a face-lift. Here are some of the key things to note:

  1. There’s a new MSN logo to go with the redesign.
  2. There are 50% fewer links on the page.
  3. The Bing search box is better integrated, because MSN already drives 45% of searches to Bing–something this design will take further advantage of.
  4. You can view and update Twitter and Facebook.
  5. There’s more focus on Local–there’s even a new MSN Local Edition.
  6. As you use the site, MSN will learn your content preferences and customize accordingly.

The new page design will start rolling out today, but most of you won’t see it as the default until early next year. If you’re anxious to use the new design now, you can head to

That’s all!