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goo$leDear World:

Google is advertising in your countries.


Turkey has recently determined that Google owes them $47M US (71M Turkish lira) in back taxes on advertising sold in Turkey. The government maintains that because Google sells advertising in Turkey and maintains an office and registered subsidiary in the country.

Google, on the other hand, points out that “it runs its ad network operations from Ireland and thus is not obliged to pay taxes in Turkey merely because it owns a subsidiary there.” The suit recognizes that bills and checks (or should I say cheques?) for such advertising are addressed from/to the company’s European headquarters in Dublin.

Says TechCrunch:

In a statement, Google said it is acting in accordance with the tax laws of every country in which it operates, including Turkish laws, and that its negotiations with the government on this issue are ongoing. . . .

We’ve also been in touch with a Turkish lawyer, who tells us the government is making a valid claim, pointing out that Google has set up a full-fledged company called Google Reklamcılık ve Pazarlama Ltd. Şti. (which means Google Advertising and Marketing Ltd.) in Turkey rather than what he refers to as a ‘liaison’ branch. Had it done the latter, says the lawyer, the company would have had to pay very little or no taxes at all.

Personally, I’m a little skeptical of the Turkish government’s claim, mostly because if Google has really been taxable all this time (and since Google is the #1 online and search ad company in Turkey), they (the government or Google) would have figured this out a lot sooner. Did the Turkish government just figure out they could tax Google? Or is this, as TechCrunch points out, just a bargaining tactic tor force Google’s negotiations to go faster?

(Note: the Turkish government says they’ve determined this after a year of investigating. Again, a year? It doesn’t take a year to figure out that someone should be paying you taxes, especially not if a Turkish lawyer can figure it out in one email. If they really wanted the taxes, they could have indicated that Google should be paying taxes at the beginning of the investigation instead of stalling a year while Google racked up more income that they could penalize. I think being dishonest like that should be reason enough to lose the suit.)

Here’s what I think: if you really want to tax Google, countries of the world, then do it—but pass a new law that they can’t get out of. Don’t try to cobble together a legal argument, backform your present laws that may or may not fit the situation, or stall an entire year to try to squeeze more out of them. Because, after all, taxing Internet companies for selling stuff in your jurisdiction has worked really well in New York, North Carolina, etc.

What do you think? Will Turkey get their cash, will the case get thrown out, or are they really just hoping for Google to settle for any amount? Will this make Google reluctant to operate in that country in the future?

  • Hakan

    As a Turkish citizen I am ashamed of Turkish government, Turkish laws, Turkish mentality that bans Youtube and Turkish tax system. Actually a lot more to be ashamed of… But not worth writing here. I am sure Google won’t pay a cent to Turkish Government.

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  • I dont think Turkish Government will get the money..

  • Money is too large. I think the company cut outside Turkey was due invoices. interesting.
    .-= Turkey´s last blog ..Eyüp Sultan Mosque =-.

  • This is another interesting issue for Google. Not long ago some Chinese writers complained that Google violated the copyrights by digitalizing their works. Google is so giant that it can do anything without fears to fight against anyone.

  • I don’t know which side is right but it is really weird for the Turkish Government to sue Google now! Google has been in Turkish internet marketing for years. Why now?

  • Kurdamer

    What a cheek! The Turks are the most corrupt nation outside of Russia.
    They have infilltrated, and now corrupting all parts of local govnt. in the west.
    The worlds biggest distributor of Heroin…it goes on and on.
    Control of British Police Forces is a goal, and they already have some success


  • In Turkey, there is rule of Microsoft’s products, and in my opinion is entirely due to the competition between Microsoft and Google. Youtube and orkut are being banned (Google products) but similar content to be in the Facebook is running.
    .-= Taylan´s last blog ..Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch =-.

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