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Twitter Bird GoofyThe title says it all. Twitter has offered its list function and now there are widgets to go with it. Widgets and you; perfect together. This is a good thing for folks looking to add more and more to their blogs. Considering how many blogs look these days it may require ditching something else that makes your blog cool because there is only so much room for stuff and things on your blog unless of course you are concentrating on that silly content idea. Here’s the gist of it though as described by TechCrunch.

The List Widget is exactly what you’d expect: A widget that you can place on your blog that displays a list of your choosing. One nice thing is that this can be a list you made or one any user has made (that is public). If you simply type in a user’s name, it will show their lists in a drop down menu. You then give the list a title, a caption, customize its look and feel, and you’re good to go.

I can see this being pretty cool especially on a local level. While many will concentrate on using someone else’s lists who are famous because they want to be cool it would actually be a neat function to try to create a real community feel on the local level for the little guy. Anytime you can customize and pare down the size of the Internet (and Twitter in particular) to a more manageable, and Lord forbid, usable version there is at least some cause for celebration. It certainly looks easy enough to put together.

Twiter Widget JP

So who would you have on your list?