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In Radically Transparent, we talk about the importance of finding your “centers of influence.” This is particularly true when it comes to online review sites.

Those that are unhappy with your products or services will find their way to an influential review site, without much difficulty. Those that love your service, tend to just accept that you met their expectations and move on–they rarely take the time to leave a review.

So, if you’re facing a poor score on a review site, what should you do? Well, you should follow the lead of photography accessories company Steve Kaeser. I recently ordered some equipment from them and used, because I knew that if I had any problems, there would be a resolution system in place, that I trust.

Not only did the order arrive on time and meet my expectations, but as a reputation management consultant, I was impressed by the two notes that accompanied the order:


Neither was too pushy, but both touched on the essentials of building positive reviews:

1. Thank You – the blue card is a simple “Thank You” card. I don’t remember the last time a company took the time to include a specific note of thanks in with the order.

2. Feedback – the white label is very simple. If you love our products, please leave a review on Amazon. If you have any problems, “please contact us immediately so that we can make it right.”

Want to improve your online reviews? Try these two simple tactics.

  • These are good tactics, but I disagree that folks who *love* your product or service will just move on without writing a review. Great customer service and experiences are rare, and when they happen, people remember and are likely to review. A simple glance at Yelp or Amazon proves this to be true; the great companies in my area have hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews.

    I think what often happens is that business owners confuse their customers being satisfied with their customers being in love. The former is somewhat uncommon but the latter is exceedingly rare. The two tips here are good advice, but better advice is to move your product or service out of mediocrity to being something that your customers truly *love*.

  • Yes it is true that when your customer get option to feed back you it improve the quality of your business.

  • The report you introduced is really interesting and informative. Many thanks for your share.

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  • Marketing reviews are important either for the buyers or the sellers. Those who provide the products or services will have to give the best to the customers if they want to stay or survive with the same businesses. On the other hand, the customers really want to get good products and services.

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