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Google CrownGoogle sure knows how to make an announcement. In the past 48 hours or so there have been updates to how personalization of search occurs, the unveiling of several new real-time / social / mobile features but that isn’t all the Google has decided to unleash on the market.

Yesterday’s event at the Computer History Museum was the site of the real-time search announcement that pretty much took the wind out of the sails (and sales?) of other competitors’ efforts to beat Google to the real-time punch. Honestly that would have been enough to have everyone reminded of who the big dog is in the search marketing house but Google didn’t stop there. ReadWriteWeb covered the event and tells us of 5 more areas that Google announced innovations including some Android specific apps that are pretty cool. Looks like everyone including Apple has been put on warning.

Near Instant Voice Recognition – Need a quick translation from English to Spanish? A new product prototype offers the ability through your mobile phone via the cloud. Look for most major language translations by the end of 2010.

Customized Suggest Based on Location – When you start typing a search on your mobile application would be helpful if your location would be used to make the right suggestions? Of course. A demo of this service during the event yesterday

demonstrated on one phone that believed it was in Boston and one that believed it was in San Francisco. Upon typing the letters “RE” the Boston phone suggested searches for Red Sox, the local baseball team. The San Francisco phone suggested a search for REI, the outdoor gear outfitter.

Google Product Search Tied to Local Inventory – Just like it reads. Mobile product search will tell you location of a product and its availability.

Near Me Now on mobile, starting today on Android phones, will offer top-level search categories like restaurants or stores on the front page. Click that button and you’ll see the closest-by search results ranked by user rating.

Google Goggles – This is pretty spectacular and I suggest you go check out the quick video here. Essentially, you may use an Android phone to conduct a search based on a picture you have taken. You can even point your phone’s camera at a store and get the name etc etc. Really cool. Of course, this is one of the more experimental products right now so there are limitations but the talk is to be able to one day take a picture of a leave and be told what tree it comes from. Neat.

So what else does Google have up its sleeve? Who knows but anyone who thought that they have been sitting back watching the world go by and waiting for the search wars to begin has been mistaken.

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